14 Tracks to Find an Idea for Creating a Company

14 Tracks to Find an Idea for Creating a Company

Do you want to start your own business, but haven’t found the “right idea” yet? Do you want to create something cool, with a site as cool as https://m.22bet.com/line/? Here are some clues, tips, and questions you can ask yourself to help stimulate your creativity.

1 – What Do You Know How to Do and Above All, What Do You Like to Do?

It is often simpler to create in the sector or profession you master, because in such a case :

  • You know if the idea is realistic.
  • You know the sector and the rules of the game.
  • You master the technical know-how.
  • You have the right “address book” to move forward quickly.
  • Do you hesitate or you really want to change your job or field of activity? Whether you are an employee or a job seeker, think about doing a skills assessment. This will allow you to mature your business creation project and to choose an idea that suits you perfectly.

2 – What Is Your Talent? Listen to What Others Say About You!

“You’re really good at…” “Me, I would really see you in…” “You have no equal for…” “Can you help me to…”.

You’ve heard this kind of thing before. That means you have a talent that you could use to great effect by starting a business.

3 – Make Your Critical Mind Work!

When you buy something or use an object or service, ask yourself: is it the best product, the most efficient, the cheapest, the safest, the most practical? What are its defects? What are its points for improvement? Look for solutions to improve it: it can inspire you and give you many ideas!

Brainstorming, defectology, inductive words, crushing… Discover the techniques of creativity to find an idea to create a business!

4 – Be Curious to Find Inspiration!

Go to the trade shows that are related to your interests and spot technological innovations, new products presented there.

Regularly read the magazines and professional journals that interest you and surf the web to feed your own reflection.

5 – Observe the Concepts That Work Abroad!

A new product that does not yet exist in the world or a concept that is all the rage in another country? Just import the idea or adapt it to your customers and you’re done!

6 – Find Out What Complicates Your Life!

Keep an eye out, at home, at work, at school or university, in your own neighborhood… and note what makes your life difficult. You may find your creative idea by trying to simplify your daily life.

7 – Investigate the Needs of Your Loved Ones!

Ask your friends, family, or colleagues: what goods and services would be useful to them that they can’t find in stores? What would they dream of but don’t yet exist? To save time, it is necessary to organize a brainstorming session by bringing them together. You will certainly come up with a lot of new ideas, that’s for sure!

8 – Observe Companies That Launch New Concepts or New Products!

You may be inspired by a company that has just been created and you may be able to transpose the idea into your sector! New technology, new material, a new process, or an innovative business model.

9 – Franchising, a Good Way to Start a Business With an Already Validated Idea!

You want to create and develop a business, you don’t really have an idea and your desire for independence is not your primary motivation. To undertake in the franchise allows you to benefit from the notoriety of a known brand, the franchisor’s know-how, as well as an adapted training. In addition, there are franchise networks in all sectors of activity. All you have to do is find relevant information about franchising.

10 – Taking Over a Business, Why Not?

You wish to undertake in an already structured environment. Then why not consider a takeover project? You immediately benefit from a turnover, a clientele, a reputation, means of production (an operational work tool) and you can thus devote yourself to the development of the business and the strategy of the company. Discover the companies to take over near you.

11 – Enter the World of the Crowd!

The crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowd equity, crowd rating platforms… are full of business creation projects. Take a look at them!

Another way to find inspiration and identify a business project that captures the attention of the general public!

12 – Take Part in Weekend Startups!

These events are open to all people who have an idea for creating new products or concepts or who wish to share their experience or skills with project leaders. A great opportunity to build a network, test ideas or to join in the construction of a business creation project that meets your criteria and values. Find a weekend startup near you.

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