3 Best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

3 best open source ecommerce platforms
We are currently living in the age of electronic commerce, and new convenient solutions for facilitating businesses are emerging every day. There is a wide range of open-source platforms and software for creating your own e-commerce store. Thanks to these solutions, any business or merchant can create a unique website tailored for selling goods and services. The customizable e-commerce platforms usually offer plenty of useful features, such as inventory management tools, shopping carts, custom wish lists, various payment options, etc. They also often support the easy integration of other digital solutions that can benefit your business even more.

In the article below, the three most popular and convenient e-commerce providers available on the modern market are described.


One of the most well-known open-source platforms for conducting electronic commerce is Magento. This eCommerce platform is suitable for small, medium, large and enterprise businesses. The software is powerful enough to process high volumes of information about customers, products and services, their orders, etc. More than 50,000 orders can be processed within an hour, which is a great advantage for the larger scale companies.

ecommerce platform magento
The safety solutions incorporated on the Magento powered sites are also extremely beneficial. In case any issue occurs, there are special security measures to be implemented immediately. Thanks to this feature, the high Internet safety of the stores can be ensured. Magento can be integrated with various third-party solutions, such as Facebok, Twitter, eBay, Mandrill and many others. Magento development companies like GoMage will help you make any customizations required.

When compared to many other e-commerce platform options, this one is considerably more flexible in terms of customization. It means that you can have your website tailored as specifically to your requirements as possible. However, this aspect also means that professional programming and design services will be somewhat more expensive. However, it is a fair price for the incredible e-commerce website.


In case you are the owner of a small business, OpenCart might satisfy your requirements. This platform is not as demanding as some other competitors, although it is less powerful as well. However, it can support and process just enough requests and sales if your business is on a smaller scale.

It is a great option for new businesses and local sellers not only because it is suitable for catering fewer customers but also because of the accessible digital solutions. It is very user-friendly, and it does not require proficient knowledge of website development. Subsequently, it means much more affordable professional development services, which is not a bad thing for a small company with limited funds. At the same time, OpenCart offers limited customization as compared with Magento.

Thanks to the accessible management solutions, such as user-friendly Admin Panel, even the less experienced sellers will be able to set up their digital store with the OpenCart.


One of the best solutions for those businesses working with WordPress is WooCommerce. This solution is a convenient plugin that will allow your WordPress website to act as an electronic commerce platform. This solution makes creating an e-commerce site more accessible as many web developers are familiar with WordPress.

woocommerce ecommerce wp plugin
image via cloudways

This website is one of the most popular choices for building custom webpages. It is incredibly user-friendly, and it supports a wide array of plugins and extensions. Its digital solutions are constantly improving as this site is always in high demand.

Final summary

Thanks to the numerous possibilities in design and custom features, as well as popularity among website developers, it is possible to create a perfect website based on any requirements. There are numerous features ready to use for electronic commerce that do not require additional development. In case you need a specific solution integrated, high chances are it is already created by someone and ready to be installed. Here, you can enjoy an easy product and customer management, inventory customization, and more.

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