4 Digital Marketing Essentials for Personal Trainers

Delving into the world of digital marketing can be daunting. A lot of hard work lies ahead and most of it will take some time to fully comprehend. But think of it this way – digital marketing is perhaps the best thing that’s ever happened to businesses since the first time someone called themselves an entrepreneur.

digital marketing for personal trainers business
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The internet has made it easier than ever for even the most budget-constrained company to get their name out and start earning a profit, and your personal trainer business is no exception. If you can motivate anyone to exercise, you’re more than capable of getting people to take an interest in your services.

That said, a bit of technical know-how will go a long way in making this process easier. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four digital marketing essentials that will help every personal trainer achieve their goals and reach new heights.


By now, you probably know that search engine optimization is an absolute necessity for any website. Without it, your business technically doesn’t exist in the digital space.

Take some time to run through the fundamentals of SEO, such as link building tactics, quality content, meta descriptions, keywords, and user experience. This guide on SEO for the fitness sector explains these essentials and more in detail.

Social Media

Even if don’t have a single cent to put towards marketing, social media can still do a lot for your personal trainer business. By establishing yourself on relevant platforms, you can grow your audience, drive more traffic to your website, get in touch with clients and learn more about your competitors.

The key here is to effectively leverage what each platform has to offer. For instance, you can post before and after images of your clients on Instagram, while YouTube is an ideal platform for tutorial videos where you can provide fitness and nutrition advice to your viewers.

Offering valuable content to your target audience will drastically improve your visibility and drive more interest around your brand. Provided it’s unique and well-researched, your content will also help you build authority and become a thought leader in your industry. This applies to everything you put out, from images on social media to your blog posts.


Did you know that newsletter marketing provides a whopping 4,400% return on investment for every pound you spend? That should be all the reason you need to make it an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Send out frequent emails to your subscribers with valuable content such as tips, tricks, and testimonials.


Partnering up with popular personalities in the fitness world is a great way to build your reputation. At the same time, getting advice from those who are already succeeding in your industry will help you learn some valuable lessons and avoid otherwise costly mistakes, so invest as much time as you can into networking.


Excited? You should be. With the drive and determination of a personal trainer, you’ll quickly reap the benefits of having an effective digital marketing strategy, so don’t hesitate to dive right in.

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