4 Things to Remember to Set up Your Business Computer Network Successfully

business computer network setup tips guidesIf there’s one thing that’s true about the technologies used in today’s society it’s that they’re always changing. This is no less true of computer networking than it is of any other field, which can make it difficult for new business owners to keep up. After all, who has the time to take computer classes and follow all of the latest trends on top of trying to start and grow new business?

Luckily, you don’t have to. There are plenty of services out there that can help. Whether you’re going to attempt to install your own business computer network or you’ve already started the search for a third-party company that can do it for you, there are still a few things you’ll need to keep in mind moving forward. Read on to find out about four of the most important considerations.

The Network’s Purpose

Before even choosing whether or not to hire a professional for network installation you should take a moment to determine what, exactly, the purpose of the network is going to be. Will, it only link up computers in the building, or will it need to provide remote access? Will the data applications be centrally located or distributed on a peer-to-peer network?

These are important considerations. They will help to determine what kind of components and connections will be required to meet the company’s needs.

The Budget

Small and mid-sized companies often have to work on a budget. If your company fits into this category, you should know that it is much easier to establish a budget first instead of dealing with money problems later down the line. After all, there’s just no sense in completely replacing the company’s existing infrastructure with the latest, most advanced routers, switches, cabling, and firewalls if it is going to drive the business into debt.

Network Security

The computer networks set up for small businesses need to be adequately secured from day one. According to Small Business Trends Magazine, 43% of cyber attacks specifically target small companies and 60% of these companies wind up going out of business within just six months of the attacks. These numbers shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Security shouldn’t end at downloading an antivirus program and calling it a day. It’s also important to block spam and malware and to make sure that all operating system software and apps are updated frequently. Make sure to use strong passwords and encrypt all shared data, as well.

Help is Available

If all of this information has left you feeling overwhelmed, don’t get discouraged. Most small business owners don’t set up their own networks. Instead, they take advantages of the services at Throttlenet.com and other IT consulting sites to help them establish and maintain their networks safely and efficiently. Most IT consulting companies also offer ongoing management services, which makes it easier to keep data safe.

The Bottom Line

If you’re still a bit confused about how to get started setting up your small business’s computer network, don’t be alarmed. The process may be somewhat complex, but there is plenty of help available for readers who just don’t have the time or the know-how to set up and maintain their own business computer networks. You are not alone.

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