5 Businesses That You Can Run Right Out of a Self-Storage Unit

5 businesses that you can run right out of a self storage unit

If you own a business, you know that they are not only difficult to run but they can be quite rewarding and fulfilling. However, one of the many challenges that come along with running a business is space and then that leads to an additional challenge – the cost of the space. Let’s face it – commercial space is not cheap to lease, and most business owners do not need a ton of space other than for the items that they need to store and bring along with them. This means that you may be paying more money than needed, especially if you do not utilize a self-storage unit.

Local self-storage units are not only an affordable way to operate your business, but they offer convenience and are safe. Climate-controlled options are available to ensure that your business’s belongings remain well-cared for while you are away from them too. If you have a business or you are thinking about opening up a business, this is the perfect blog for you. Below, we will talk about several different businesses that you can seamlessly and easily run right out of a storage unit.

Landscaping Company

If you are a landscaper or you want to get into the niche market, now is the great time to do it. With summer right around the corner, homeowners want to make sure their lawn is the best looking on the block and you can help them out. Landscapers can make great use of a storage unit as they can store not only their lawn equipment inside but also their truck and trailer making it a convenient option and a one-stop-shop.


Realtors can completely operate their business right from a storage unit. A climate-controlled unit is a wonderful option for storing business cards and customer paperwork, which we all know that realtors can have a lot of. In addition, realtors can utilize the storage unit to keep their signs and signposts handy.

Online Retail Companies

Let’s face it – retail is hard, it’s hard for furniture stores and it’s especially hard for online retail because you do not have a storefront and you likely do not have a spot for all your inventory. A self-storage unit is a perfect solution as you can take all of your retail items and inventory and place them into the unit. This will not only free up room for you, but it also allows you to keep a better inventory of your items. When someone places an order, simply pull it, and pack it.


Artists can benefit from using a storage unit because it allows them to keep their drawings, artwork, and paintings in a safe spot and out of the way. One thing to keep in mind is that artists should make use of a climate-controlled unit to ensure their artwork stays in great condition and does not get ruined by the elements outside.

Hospitality and Vacation Rental Companies

If you are in the business of renting out your home on the weekends, holidays, or over the summer, a self-storage unit may be the right choice for you. There is an ever-changing market of décor items and also toiletries that are needed by guests, so it is best to keep them on hand in case of guest phones for one. The problem with this is space. If you have a self-storage unit, you do not have to worry about that and can easily keep all the extra items and accessories you may need and then access them as needed.

Storage units are a great option for many businesses and can help save on space and cut back on costs. What type of business do you run? Do you think a storage unit could help you?

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