5 Essentials of a Productive Office

5-essentials-of-a-productive-officeOffice spaces need proper utility items to make sure everything runs smooth. But it also needs the basic essentials so the productivity of its employees is not compromised – some might be hard to get, some are very important and some usually skip our minds while designing the perfect office space. To help you out of this dilemma, here are 5 essential things you need to focus on for maintaining a productive office.

Good Lighting

In most offices, you have typical fluorescent all over the place which simply can be monotonous and unpleasant to the eyes after a 4 hour shift in the office. CFL bulbs, or warm lights can brighten up the office and simply uplift your mood to energize the employees at work day in-day out. Natural lighting is also important. Open the windows and allow your employees to enjoy the sun!

Sound Controlling

It is important that your employees don’t get distracted or frustrated by high levels of noise or the lack of natural sound in a rather isolated work place. Maintaining sound levels will bring in aural harmony to your office, making it a more pleasant place to work in. Depending on the kind of work, you may add in sound proof padding on the walls or put on nice ambient background music to brighten up the days.

Odor reduction

Many people flocking together in a clustered office for hours may build up unpleasant odors from food, toilet, garbage cans in the office and employees sweating in humidity. Keeping the office odor free is hence a must considering a repugnant smell can put anyone off. Air fresheners and regular clean-ups is hence a necessity.

Recreational space

Workload can get on anyone’s nerves and at such times, you may need to calm your senses with some light amusement. Some prefer foosball and some jump for a snooker table. Regardless of a PS3 or a sleeping pod, allocating spaces in office for some light amusement is an idea to nurture around. It is very to be bored in office and easier to be sleepy. Scoring baskets or 20 minutes of power nap work wonders to refresh body and mind and increase productivity by heaps.

Coffee machine

In a modern corporate setup, it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t drink coffee at least once a day. It’s a communal thing that always binds people together with a sense of unity. Consumption of coffee has turned into more of a religion in workplaces than just a habit. People drink coffee to feel fresh and energetic, which bears utmost importance in a workplace. So it’s important to make your pick on a decent coffee machine in your office, which will not only add value to the productivity of the employees but also help them mingle over coffee breaks which will help build social interactions within the office.

These are true for every office in the world – simple and easy ways to make your office a better place for work. You don’t have to avail all of the pointers above. Assess which ones you need and proceed for maximum impact – precisely how you approach every project!

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