5 Reasons Your Startup Needs Amazon Web Services

Reliable IT services are difficult to find, and they’re especially hard when you’re running a startup and have limited monetary resources. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers your startup a solution to many of your IT roadblocks. You can use AWS for cloud storage, software that will help you run your business, IT security, and more. Find out five reasons why your startup shouldn’t operate without AWS.

1. Services That Improve Your Business Model

amazon web services for startup business
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One problem startups often face is dealing with a small staff when you have so much to do. Software is one of the best ways to get around that problem, and AWS has many options that a startup will want to use. Management tools take some of the founder and CEO responsibilities off your plate. Email sharing and other communication options help your staff stay in touch even if most of you are traveling to promote the business.

2. Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Flexibility

You don’t sign a contract or subscribe to a year of services with Amazon. Choose the web services you want and pay for them as you use them. With this arrangement, you stay within your tech budget, and you can stop services if you realize you’re not using them. AWS has a long list of cloud-based services you can explore, and this flexibility is perfect for startups that will need to adapt.

3. Service Scalability as Your Startup Grows

When your startup grows, the last action you want to take is to switch cloud providers because the model you’re used to isn’t big enough for you anymore. AWS scales beautifully. You can get more storage space and different cloud services as your startup grows. As always, the pay-as-you-go model gives you flexibility as you’re scaling your new services to fit your growing business.

4. Benefits of Elastic Cloud Computing

Many startups create programs or develop apps in the early stages of their businesses. Elastic Cloud Computing allows you to rent computer space from Amazon for developing and testing your own programs. You can pay for the servers when you use them and terminate the operation when you’re finished. This ability is a smart way to get the computer space you need for program development without overpaying for your own devices.

5. AWS and a Shared Security Model

You and Amazon both share responsibility for keeping files in the cloud secure. Amazon works hard to protect its systems from fraud, abuse, and vulnerabilities. Amazon’s identity and access management system is a big part of that security system over which users also have control. When you use AWS, you choose user access and capabilities, two areas which give you some responsibility and control over your cloud server security access. Amazon provides the infrastructure and you adapt it to your needs.

Sticking to a budget is an essential part of keeping a startup flourishing. The AWS payment structure offers startups the flexibility they need to stay within a budget while retaining the services that are necessary for the business. If you’re juggling your IT concerns all by yourself, turn to AWS instead.

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