5 Technologies to Invest in for Your Startup

5 Technologies to Invest in for Your Startup

All businesses need to use technology. Startups might have more limited funds or less experienced, so knowing which technology to invest in can be challenging, especially when the stakes are so high and your cash flow so precious. Aside from any industry-specific tech that you might need to operate the core of your business, there are some fundamental pieces of equipment that no business in 2021 can do without. The list below covers the five most important pieces of technology that any startup should seriously consider.

  1. All in One Computers

All in one computers, also known as all in one desktop, have been around since the 1970s and remain a must-have piece of equipment for any business. These take up far less space than the traditional desktop but are more powerful than laptops – they have higher quality specs and tend to run faster. They are also more cost-effective and more durable. Every office needs a computer, so if you are looking to get a computer that can depreciate slower than your other options, you should opt for an all in one computer.

  1. Managed IT Services

This isn’t more of a piece of technology hardware as it is a service that is invaluable to really make your technology come to life. Your business is new, so likely won’t be able to afford full-time IT personnel. That’s why reliable managed IT service providers can be a godsend. They are effectively IT experts who use technology to provide remote help with daily network requirements to make sure that your business data is kept secure. They help to make sure you aren’t a nice target for hackers, so you can focus your efforts on other essential matters that aren’t technical security.

  1. Portable Memory Devices

USB drives or portable memory cards like SD cards are small but spacious nowadays, with some having a capacity as high as two terabytes for USB drives and 64GB for memory cards.  These help you to store things securely and transport business-related data effectively to other members of the office, without the need to pay large quantities of money for cloud storage and high-level encryption. The good thing about memory storage devices is that you can just use a password to protect them, and they are affordable and don’t come loaded with a subscription requirement. They also serve as backups.

  1. An Office Suite

Making sure that you can produce documents, presentations, spreadsheets, alongside key productivity essentials like address books, calendars, and email management software is not just essential – it should be expected. You need a good office suite to help you to be organized as a company, and you should all use the same suite so you can improve time management and reduce errata. Take a bit of time to research so you can find the best office suite for your startup’s efficiency and budget.

  1. A Smartphone

Landlines are effectively useless in today’s business environment. Your staff members need to have a smartphone in order to be able to conduct business anywhere at any time. These will allow them to easily access important information, accessibility that is vital for collaboration, the efficiency of operations, and innovation, all of which can play a vital role at the start of a startup’s life.

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