5 tools to use to optimize your sales process

optimize your sales process


For many B2B companies, a good sales strategy is the backbone of a successful business. While traditional sales fundamental principles stay true, using innovative tools can greatly improve sales processes.

Let’s explore a few tools that will help increase your sales team’s effectiveness.

  • Apollo

Apollo is a sales intelligence and engagement platform that help you find contact data for most professionals in your industry. Building a clean list of prospects can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Thanks to tools such as Apollo building your prospect list becomes a breeze.

  • Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a great tool for SDRs and professionals dedicated to lead generation. The tools allow you to send automated emails to your prospects along with automated follow-ups. For as little as $59 per month, you can send hundreds of individually personalized emails to your ideal prospects.

  • SalesHunter

SalesHunter is a small revolution for the wholesale industry. In short, it is a B2B recommendation engine that provides relevant product suggestions through AI. Think of what Amazon does under most of its products with their “Customer also bought…” heading.

The particularity of such a tool is the great impact it can have on sales. In B2C settings, recommendation systems increase the average order value by up to 30%. For a $100 purchase, this would mean an additional $30. In B2B settings, however, the impact of such an increase in order value can be quantified in the thousands of dollars.

  • Tavus

Another AI tool, Tavus allows you to create hundreds of unique personalized videos in a matter of seconds. 

The functioning is quite simple: you record a video for a potential customer, addressing him or her by their name. Tavus then uses AI to reproduce your voice with a different name. This means that you’ll be able to send the exact same video and have all your prospects feel as though the video was personally made for them.

  • Evaboot

If you enjoy navigating LinkedIn to find your ideal prospects, you will love Evaboot. The software is a scraper specifically designed for use on LinkedIn and its premium version: the Sales Navigator.

Unlike most LinkedIn scraping tools, Evaboot automatically cleans out your search to remove prospects that don’t fit your criteria. Thanks to this functionality, you spend a lot less time cleaning your list. This means that you can focus your efforts on generating business for your company!


Nothing replaces a good sales strategy. If you’re not offering the right solution to the right target, none of your efforts will pay, irrespective of how many different sales tools to use.

With that being said, once you’ve found your product-market fit, using sales tools can help you reach more people, more effectively. In such cases, using these tools is a no-brainer.


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