5 Ways Tech Companies Can Make Themselves Feel Down to Earth to Prospects

tech company business tips guidesPop quiz: if you had to describe your company or product in a single sentence to a five-year-old, could you do it?

It’s a common problem that tech companies know all too well.

That is, they present their companies a bit too high-level to the point where they seem unrelatable or otherwise foreign to those outside of your industry. Although the fine details of technical solutions or specialized software might be commonplace within your world, imagine how this could potentially freeze you out from potential business.

Think about it. It’s hard to engage with a company that’s stuck using industry jargon and appears to be selling a product that’s from another planet.

The likes of Google, Facebook, Salesforce and Cisco are all prime examples of companies who deal in heavily complicated products and services, but manage to present themselves as down to Earth.

In order to achieve the same with your own tech ventures, consider following five ways to make your business seem a bit less technical.

1. Start with Smart Branding Choices

A quick way to diffuse the notion that your business is stuffy or otherwise too “techie” is through effective branding. This means small touches such as a sense of humor, a stylish logo and an interactive social presence are all smart starting points.

For example, we see a lot of tech brands take a sort of off-the-cuff, laid-back approach to social media where they poke fun at both themselves and their industries. Meanwhile, tools such as Flashmarks can help you spruce up your social logos to send the right message.

Rather than rely on generic imagery or language, building a brand that’s approachable is a smart first step.

2. Emphasize People Over Your Product

This advice might seem backward, but it’s so important for tech companies today. Google managed to thrive because of its emphasis on doing good by people, much like Facebook’s mission statement has always been to connect the world. These goals have little to nothing to do with the complicated back-end of their solutions and that’s no accident.

Tech companies should do everything in their power to frame their product as something that solves the legitimate problems of people. After all, customer want benefits, not features. Meanwhile, showing the human side of your business marketing-wise through team photos and behind-the-scenes content further cements that your company has a heart.

3. Offer Demos and Hands-On Experiences

When your entire product or service is behind a wall, so to speak, it’s nearly impossible for customers to remotely relate to what your business does. As such, don’t be afraid to go behind the curtain, so to speak, and give your audience a taste if possible.

Doing so doesn’t cheapen your product, but rather makes it more accessible. Whether through offering free trials or demos or simply interactive webinars, anything you can do to be transparent is a plus.

4. Hire a Proper UX Writer

A quick tip but a significant one nonetheless. When you’re knee-deep in company jargon, it becomes difficult to communicate your business others without getting technical. As a result, bringing on a UX writer to tune up your site language, marketing copy and other essential messages keeps you from needlessly going over anyone’s heads.

5. Educate the Masses

Taking the time to educate industry players and customers alike does well to signal that you’re contributing to a bigger conversation that goes beyond your product. This likewise makes you more approachable.

Connecting with communities on GitHub in addition to blogging via Medium or your own blog all point to your authority while also allowing you to play the role of teacher. No matter where you sound off, such education is a prime way to showcase the people backing up your business.

If you feel like your company is going over people’s heads or otherwise seems to “techie,” perhaps it’s time to bring things down to Earth. By following these tips to make your business more accessible, you can attract positive attention to your business while still maintaining a high level of expertise.

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