5 Ways to Innovate with Live Video

Live video can be a powerful digital marketing tool if you learn to use it properly. Video provides a good return on investment (ROI), according to 83 percent of businesses surveyed by Wyzowl. There are several savvy ways in which you can embrace the possibilities of live video for marketing.

Use Live Video to Start Conversations

Live video can be used to motivate customers to start talking about your brand and interacting with your business. With polls and/or Q&As, you can ask customers for their opinions, comment on what your customers have to say, and share information in real time.

Rule of thumb: Ensure to use the right platform by using market leaders in video streaming such as Facebook and YouTube to start conversations that increase brand mentions and brand loyalty.

Provide Unique Access to Experiences

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Unlike traditional marketing tools and many modern marketing tools, live video can give your customers exclusive access to memorable experiences in real time. You can show customers the never-before-seen steps of your manufacturing process or share a behind-the-scenes peek of your workers prepping a room at your hotel for guests.

Rule of thumb: Make these live videos interactive, so customers can comment or ask questions. To give your customers a unique experience with live video, you need an exciting idea and adequate prep. To prep, try different production styles, invest in a live video tool that improves your communication like Mevo Plus if necessary, and test a prototype of your video with a customer sample before going live.

Make Better Connections

You can improve your process of connecting with customers by using live video. With live video, geographical access does not impact connectivity, so your content can be designed to be more interactive than intrusive, and your tool syncs with the lifestyle of your customers. The live video in which a comedian painted portraits of burgers led to 43,000 engagements in just 40 minutes for McDonald’s, and this shows the potential of live video for connecting with customers.

Educate with Live Video

When you are faced with problems due to misinformation or a lack of information, live video can help you solve them. As live video enables you to share information and connect with your customers informally, it can be an authentic method for educational purposes. For example, if your customers are concerned about the ingredients in one of your burgers or are wondering whether your clothing is manufactured ethically, you can use live video to show them what they need to know without the hype.

Achieve More for Less from Your Marketing Outlay

Marketing via live video is incredibly cost-effective. So simply invest in a device that enables video streaming such as a smartphone, an employee who knows how to use that device, and a great idea to boost brand loyalty, increase sales, and solve problems.

Now, you know about the five winning ways to innovate with live video. Use these methods to start innovating!

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