6 E-commerce Tips for Inspiring Customer Loyalty

business-customer-loyaltyThe e-commerce industry has been growing in popularity for quite some time and it will most certainly continue to do so for years to come. Online retailers are able to build a large customer base much quicker and easier than retailers that have not yet established their online presence.

The primary reasons why people are opting for online shopping instead of going from store to store to find exactly what they are looking for are availability and convenience. They can easily browse through e-commerce websites from the comfort of their homes and, with millions of such websites out there, they can find their desired items in no time. That is one of the main benefits that online shopping offers, but it certainly has some other advantages that are absolutely worth exploring.

Online shopping can save a lot of time, which is especially important for people with very busy schedules, who simply don’t have the luxury of going from store to store to hunt for a perfect purchase. However, the most important benefit online shopping can offer is, without a doubt, saving money. With such excellent benefits at hand, it’s no wonder that the e-commerce industry has been booming.

If you want to build a large customer base and inspire your customers to always come back for more, check out the following tips that will ensure that you will turn the visitors to your website into your most loyal customers.

Use Social Networking


Establishing your social media presence is one of the best ways for you to gain more customers. Since there are millions of people using various social media networks, you can very easily reach them and turn them into your customers. By creating accounts and pages on social media, you can make sure people always stay up-to-date with the latest news about the products or services you offer, as well as on sales and discounts, since you can make regular announcements in your posts.

The greatest thing about social media is that, if you provide your customers with a high-quality service, they will not only come back for more purchases, but they will also be very likely to share their personal experiences with their friends and followers on social media. That will raise the awareness of your business and help you build the reputation that people all around the world will hear about.

Offer Discounts for Email Subscriptions

By offering discounts to every person who subscribes to your e-mail list, you will definitely attract more customers. Who doesn’t like getting a discount for any kind of purchase? You may think that offering discounts to your customers will make you lose money, but it’s actually quite an effective way of earning more money.

When you offer discounts for the first purchase your email subscribers will potentially make, you will make them want to buy more products for the money they initially intended to spend. Ergo, you will earn more money. Not every online retailer goes for this option, so it will definitely give you an edge over your competition and guarantee your customers’ loyalty.

Collaborate with Cashback Reward Websites


Cashback reward websites are an excellent way for you to both increase your sales and gain more customers. When people browse online retailers for a purchase via a cashback reward website you collaborate with and it directs them to your website, both of you have a chance of earning more money.

For every purchase people make when they come to your site after they have been directed to you by a cashback reward website, that website will receive a commission, which they will split with the buyers. You give commissions as a reward for directing new customers towards your website and you get a chance of attracting quite a large number of customers that way, since they will always come back, due to the fact they are earning money while actually spending money. You can also offer them discounts for using a cashback reward website you collaborate with, since it is a great way of maintaining customer loyalty.

Offer Free Shipping

It is not seldom that people back out from a certain purchase because of high shipping costs. Many of them find their desired product for the exact price they intended to pay, but don’t go through with their purchase when they estimate that they couldn’t actually afford the final price.

If you offer free shipping around the world for each and every purchase your customers make, you will most certainly manage to gain more customers and inspire them to stay loyal. Likewise, they will definitely recommend you to their family and friends, which will help you enlarge your customer base, increase both your website’s traffic and your sales, and ultimately generate more income.

Improve Your Customer Service

Providing a high-quality customer service to your every customer will strengthen your relationship with them. If they connect with an actual person instead of receiving an automatic e-mail for instance, they will trust you more and become more engaged in your brand.

Whether your customers want to contact you to find out something more about your company or to share their experiences after a purchase, it is of the utmost importance that you are available to them 24/7. Provide them with the best possible service, as customer satisfaction is essential for the success of every business and providing an excellent customer service is one way to accomplish that and inspire customer loyalty.

Offer Coupon Codes


If you offer coupons to your customers, you will not only attract more of them, but you will also increase traffic to your website. That will eventually help you increase your sales and generate more income. Your customers will be a lot more satisfied with you, since they will be able to save money while making online purchases from you.

Offering coupon codes is a very effective sales tool that will greatly help you with improving and expanding your business. According to research, 95% of all shoppers like coupons, while 60% of shoppers actively look for them. Having that in mind, you should definitely start offering new deals from time to time and ensure you attract more loyal customers. Crowd Savers publish a list of coupon codes and latest deals daily, so be sure to check it out and gain an insight into how that whole process actually works.

If you implement all of these strategies into your e-commerce business, you can be sure that you will inspire your customers’ loyalty and make them really look forward to buying from you. Therefore, wait no longer and start working towards taking your e-commerce business to another level.

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