7 Must-Attend Digital Marketing Conferences for the Second Half of 2017

7 must attend digital marketing conferences for the second half of 2017One of the best ways to encourage growth and innovation in your marketing department is through marketing conferences. You’ll be exposed to some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Just a few days of education can reshape your marketing campaign, and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of that.

If you haven’t yet attended some of the excellent conferences held this year, there’s still time! Here’s a list of some of the most anticipated marketing conferences for the remainder of 2017.

1. Brand Innovators Summits

The primary focus here is to highlight the ways brands are successfully using digital media. They’ll cover a wide variety of topics from customer conversions to content marketing, so it’s worthwhile to visit multiple conferences to learn everything you can.

We’ve already seen a few of these summits this year, and there will be many more scattered throughout the coming months. They’re located all over the United States, from San Francisco to Dallas to Atlanta, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one near you.

2. Confab Central

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Confab Central discusses the best practices and innovations for content strategies. It talks about everything from administration to performance measurement to the online user experience.

We all know the sheer importance of content marketing, and this highly touted conference is a great way to brush up on your skills. Don’t miss the experience June 7-9.

3. MarketReady Producer Training Program

B2B marketers, particularly those in the grocery, wholesale, retail, and education sectors, can learn a lot from the MarketReady conference held at Botanical Gardens in City Park in New Orleans. They’ll discuss some of the best practices and success stories from companies in the industry, as well as tips and tricks for engaging suppliers and marketing as a B2B entity.

The conference will take place on July 12, which is a great time to visit this coastal city. It will be hot and humid, but the water is excellent. Consider taking a swamp or riverboat tour during your stay.

4. China Marketing Summit

If you’re able to travel outside of the United States, the China Marketing Summit in Shenzhen, China is a must-attend. More than 8,000 people fly from all over the world to hear over 100 speakers and learn about the latest marketing tactics in the world’s highest populated country.

Anyone looking to tap into the Chinese market must fly out to this conference in mid-July. You don’t need to speak Chinese, and you’re certain to learn plenty about marketing in a strong economy.

5. Content Marketing World

There’s more to learn at Content Marketing World in Cleveland than you could possibly handle in the short 4 days of the conference. They have more than 80 sessions designed to educate on creating unshatterable marketing strategies. Each session has multiple speakers, giving you exposure to hundreds of the top marketing minds in the nation.

CMWorld takes place during the first week of September. To ensure you get into the sessions and times you want, you’ll need to register early for this highly populated event.

6. Dialogue Conference

Held at the end of August, Dialogue Conference in Sweden claims to be the largest digital marketing conference in Scandinavia. There will be 58 speakers from all over the world specializing in digital marketing, content strategy, mobile marketing, brand building, social media, CRM, brand loyalty, and customer experience.

The conference hosts make it worth your while, as well. It’s located at Stromstad Spa, a resort on the west coast of Sweden near the Bohuslän archipelago. When you’re not attending sessions, you can go golfing, sailing, swimming, sight-seeing, and more. It’s a beautiful destination that helps you relax while you take in all of that innovative information.

7. The Marketing Forum at the Four Seasons

When the weather starts to change for the worse in mid-October, head to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona for The Marketing Forum held at the Four Seasons. The conference hosts build their content around the ideas of senior marketing leaders, so you know you’re only getting the best advice and insights.

This event is smaller than some of the others. It’s focused on more hands-on learning, so they have a session limit of 25 people. Sign up early because the sessions fill quickly.

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