7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch to Cloud

Still not sure why your company should invest in cloud computing? Then, here are several reasons to convince you to make the ultimate switch:

1. Save Money

The greatest benefit from cloud migrations is easily the cost-effectiveness it brings to a company. Cloud tech eliminates the need to physical storage devices (think hundreds of file cabinets), certain hardware, and even IT employees. Your company will be able to save a lot of resources by simply cutting off some of the operational costs by switching over to cloud.

2. Cloud Tech is Flexible

Earlier, when you had to access a file, you had to go through a file cabinet or find the right office laptop with the file you wanted. Cloud computing eliminates the need for such tedious endeavours. Cloud tech is extremely flexible. It allows authorized users to access files, applications, and other data using any connected device, any time, and from anywhere. Before, if you wanted to work on a presentation and save it on an office computer, you had to be at the office. With cloud, you can work on this presentation from home without a hassle.

3. Cloud Computing is Secure

Sure, nothing is 100 percent secure. However, cloud drives are highly secure, possibly more secure than a safe at the office. Your company’s data fill be protected via encryption, firewalls, and malware protection. There are fewer chances of losing or corrupting data. If your office staff follow the correct security protocols (such as safeguarding from phishing scams), cloud tech will be like a fortress for your sensitive company files.

4. Easy Backup and Recovery

One of the best benefits of cloud computing is easy backup and recovery in case of an issue. When data is stored in physical computers, there’s always a risk of losing that data in case of a hardware or operating system failure. When your files are stored on cloud, then that’s not really an issue. Cloud tech also makes it much easier to back up your files so there’s always a second copy in case of a disaster.

5. Keep Software Up to Date

Outdated software has become a prominent hunting ground for hackers. Safeguard your company data from prying eyes by benefitting from automatic software updates when using a cloud. Your employees will not have to set up reminders for security updates, or worse, update each machine manually. On cloud, all updates are applied to everything instantly.

6. Improve Communication at the Office

It’s well noted that cloud-based systems increase communication between various staff members. Cloud makes it easy to access files, and also to edit. One person can view another’s edits instantly. Such ease makes it much easier for employees to communicate with each other and get things done.

7. Make Document Sharing Less Complicated

Remember the good old days when documents had to be shared between managers, then employees, and then contractors via email? This was a major privacy and security vulnerability for companies. Once an email chain goes off, it’s difficult to say who has access to what. Cloud based systems do not encounter such problems as authorized personnel have direct access to files.

Last but not least, cloud base systems are highly environmentally friendly. Cloud IT will certainly reduce your company’s reliance on paper. Your company will save costs on energy as well because there’s no need to keep several machines running just for the sake of access.

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