9 Ways to Increase Sales and Make Your Customers Happy

9 ways to increase sales and make your customers happyDid you know that 68% of online shoppers abandon their baskets despite they have found what they were looking for? You’ve paid for an ad to attract them , but still they haven’t clicked the very last button to complete their purchase. Why is that, and what keeps them from buying?

Numerous factors affect the customer’s trust and drive them away.

If you want to make your sales better, you will need to follow the basic rules given below that will improve user experience and encourage buyers to complete the purchase safely.

1. Product Reviews

About 80 percent of online shoppers read product reviews by previous customers. Reviews can positively or negatively affect the purchasing decision so make sure that each one of your clients is satisfied. In case of problems, do everything to help solve them, so that a buyer will not leave a negative review. Be customer-oriented and offer a refund or a product replacement. Stay available for your customers and provide your best support, because only one negative feedback can drastically reduce sales.

2. Straightforward navigation

Poor navigation drives away 25% of online shoppers. Poor copy, time-consuming page load, a page which is not optimized for mobile devices, videos that most browsers do not support, and random errors make the customer upset and force them to leave your website without completing the purchase.

3. No registration required

Maybe you are looking to buy something on a particular website, but you do not want to go through the whole registration process? Well, you are not the only one. Most people do not want to spend their time and leave their personal information if it is not mandatory. This is especially true if they are afraid of spam in their email or texts. That is why it is highly recommended to include the option of purchasing without registration. It will indeed motivate customers to complete the last step.

4. Offer your help

Good customer support is priceless. Point out that you are at their service, run live chat, and respond quickly to inquiries by email, phone, and via social networks. Having a quality customer service application for your business will significantly improve the overall user experience. For this particular step, your best bet would be hiring some good Java development professionals.

5. PayPal payments

Today’s customers want to pass through the whole process of payment as quickly as possible, and services like PayPal have made their effort to pamper those people who want to get everything done in a few clicks. If you do not already have a purchase option without registering, make sure to implement PayPal as a payment method. Sometimes taking a credit card to buy something is not convenient, and sometimes they might be too lazy to take their wallet from a drawer. So, why not allow them those lazy few clicks to buy through PayPal with the already registered card?

6. Free shipping

One of the main reasons for leaving the basket is the high cost of delivery. You simply do not want to pay more for shipping than for the product itself. You do not even want to pay for higher-priced products. Merchants consider delivery as a subject of expenditure. However, they can use various tricks to provide something for free, and still to make revenue. For example, point out a free delivery for spending a particular amount of money on your online store. This way, you will motivate a buyer to stay and spend even more than they were initially planning. Otherwise, include the price of shipping into the product but highlight a zero delivery price. It is a psychological trick because people would rather pay $60 for something with a free delivery than $30 for the same thing if a delivery costs $30.

7. Safe and secure payment

Security is a critical component of every website which wants to ensure safe processing of users’ personal and financial data. It is essential for monetary transactions. Make your site more secure by implementing HTTPS. Also, highlight all safety certifications and protocols so that your customers know that they are protected.

8. A good policy of returns

The ability to return a product has an incredible impact on customer experience. The astounding 66% of customers look up the options of returning a product before buying it. Therefore, it is extremely important to clearly indicate those options in your policy up on the online store as well as in the description of each product.

9. Track customer behavior

For this purpose, you may add the extension named Abandoned Cart, which helps you to keep track of people who put some products in the basket but don’t finish the purchase. It is the best method to capitalize on the possibility that someone is interested in what you are selling, but they still gave up at some point. You should remind them later.

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