A Startup’s Guide To Building A Robust Workforce

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Building a robust workforce is a necessity for every business, especially for a startup. You may do some tasks for your business, but you need a team if you want to thrive, scale, and grow. Delegate the responsibilities to other professionals who are experts in specific tasks needed for your business. That way, you could perform more important matters and not be caught up with paperwork.

However, if you don’t know how to build a team, you may end up paying salaries to employees who may not be able to help you. That’s why it’s important to consider ways on how to build a team that would grow with you. Below are some effective ways.

  1. Establish Expectations As Soon As Possible

Even though you’re a startup, you still need to set rules, standards, and responsibilities that new hires have to follow. While new employees are open to various company cultures, it’s still best to set house rules. That way, you won’t leave them wondering how to act or perform their duties.

It’s also best to share your expectations with your employees. Establish a team culture that new employees could foster. For instance, you may want a team with shared decision-making, shared problem-solving, and shared responsibility to attain your company’s goals quickly.

You could even put these expectations on your job posting. An effective hiring process includes the rules you want your employees to follow. That way, only the ones who conform to your expectations would apply.

  1. Show Off Your Brand

As many talents are looking for jobs, it may be challenging to hire the best ones. That’s because potential employees who know their skills are looking for reputable companies to work with. If they’re not familiar with your brand, they’re more likely to find other companies with an established presence. To resolve this issue, you need to show off your brand that talents would want.

You could start by sharing your business’ values, mission, goals, and employee value proposition. Put all the necessary information on your career page as this is what most applicants look for during a job search. Here’s some information that could help market your brand to potential employees:

  • Frequently asked questions about the recruitment process
  • Job descriptions
  • Perks and benefits
  • Company culture
  • Employee testimonials

You may also want to use onboarding software like an applicant tracking system (ATS) and similar apps that incorporate marketing platforms. That way, you would have a single tool on where to post your job openings, store applicants’ information, and access information anywhere, anytime.

Some apps would allow you to integrate into various platforms to market and reach more potential talents. These tools would make it easier for you to establish your employer brand.

  1. Take Hiring Slowly

One of the many reasons a startup could fail is hiring talents unfit for the job the business needs. To remedy this problem, you need to hire slowly. Take as much time as required to evaluate if an applicant is the one you’re looking for.

No matter how essential time is for your business, it’s still best not to rush when hiring employees. These people will be your partner in growing your startup, so it’s crucial to have people who have the right mindset, talent, and skills you could benefit from.

You don’t want to end up hastily hiring anyone you think is suitable for your business, only to find out, later on, they don’t fit in your company culture. When this happens, it’d be a waste of your capital and effort as you’d spend another budget and time looking for replacements. You could, however, avoid this by taking time to consider who to include in your workforce.

  1. Train And Develop Your Team Well

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Surely you’d want team members who have enough skills to perform their tasks efficiently on a consistent basis. Thus, there’s the need for continuous employee training and development.

While a startup may have a tight budget, start by personally training your team. Show them what they should and shouldn’t do and give them time to learn their tasks. It’s important they experience the work hands-on to get them familiarized with their duties. You could also gather free resources online that resemble their responsibilities. Filter these sources and use them as training videos.

If you have a budget, it may be best to develop their skills, too. Enroll them in specialization courses so they could enhance the skills necessary for your business. By doing this, you could build a robust workforce effective enough to run your business operations.


Building a business requires building a robust workforce. Allowing competent people to help you run your business is a way to effectively operate. Hire suitable employees who could become your assets. In time, you may have more free time to focus on your business’ growth. Try to jumpstart your hiring process as soon as possible by following this helpful guide.

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