Are ID Badges Important for Small Businesses?

are id badges important for small businesses
Employee ID badges are often associated with large corporate companies that have a large amount of staff and strict security policies. Small businesses don’t tend to adopt the idea as they don’t feel there is any need for them.

There’s lots of debate as to whether ID cards are necessary or not but no matter how big or small your company is ID cards and badges are very important and play a huge part in company culture.

If you have a small company and think that ID badges aren’t needed here’s exactly why employee ID cards are equally important for smaller companies as they are for larger ones.

How Employee ID Badges Help Small Businesses?

Free brand promotion

If your employees are wearing their badges throughout the day this means that your company logo will be on display all day long. This is a jammy bit of free marketing and is a great way to promote your brand.

It looks professional

professional employee badges
Company ID badges aren’t just a security measure they also add professionalism and make the company look good. Often as a small business you might be trying to find ways to make your company look more corporate and professional, well ID badges can help to do this. Having these on display when meeting clients or potential customers will instantly make your company more appealing.

Increases security

The most common reason for ID cards is security. Whether it’s monitoring access to the building or certain areas of the office, ID cards and badges are critical to enhancing the security of your company. ID’s will make it a lot easier for clients to identify employees and can make employees feel safer in their working environment. They can ensure that your company is protected from intruders, sensitive information is kept safe and restricted areas are only accessed by those that have been granted permission.

Aids customer-employee relationships

If a customer is greeted by an employee wearing an ID badge it will likely boost the customers confidence in the company. Putting a name to a face can instantly put a customer at ease. It will enable the customer to identify and verify that the individual they are talking to will be able to help them with whatever it is that they need. It will boost a customer’s trust in the employees and company therefore improving the relationship between the two.

Helps newbies

new guy badge
There’s nothing worse than starting a new job and not knowing anyone’s names. If you’re a small but expanding company, you might want to think about investing in ID cards for your employees so that it makes it easier for new arrivals to learn the team’s names. Therefore, not only can they improve customer-employee relationships, but they can also develop workplace relationships.

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