Benefits of on Premise to Cloud Based ERP Migration

benefits of on premise to cloud based erp migrationOn premise to cloud based ERP migration is now engrained in most businesses. In fact, it’s not easy to find a business that does not have at least one cloud-based system. This can be attributed to the increase in the number of cloud systems that are available for modern businesses. Cloud-based ERP is one of these systems. ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning. It is management software that is offered in form of applications bundle. The aim of this software is to enable enterprises to automate their data collection, management, storage, and interpretation processes from various sources including inventory, accounting, service delivery, and marketing.

Here are some of the benefits of cloud based ERP.

Increased performance

This cloud-based solution requires reliable internet connection which most medium and small businesses have already. The service provider has the resources that are required to host this solution. That means the system performs better than an in-house solution regardless of the current infrastructure of an enterprise.

Minimal operation costs

Perhaps, this is a major reason for on premise to cloud based migration. An in-house solution requires hardware support and knowledgeable personnel that will be in charge of installation and maintenance. However, small and medium businesses don’t have enough funds for this. Therefore, cloud-based ERP provides the best solution. That’s because it requires businesses to pay a flat-rate fee every month only. Thus, the implementation cost will most likely be lower.

Better security

ERP systems deal with sensitive and confidential information. Therefore, enhanced security measures are required. Migrating to cloud based ERP for SME provides improved security because to access the system, you must have an account. Central administration panels are used to control access. Individuals that don’t require access are not given accounts. It’s also possible to take enhanced measures to improve safety of the data in the system.

Improved access to data

ERPs bring important data or information together. This data can be accessed via the internet. That means you have access to crucial information from any location. This improves the overall operations of a business since vital information can be accessed and used outside the office.

Ongoing support

The continued support of cloud-based ERP systems is another reason for small business migration to cloud. These systems provide 24/7 support implying that issues that may arise are solved quickly and professionally.

Basically, these are the major benefits of on premise to cloud based ERP migration. However, it’s important that you work with experts to ensure smooth and efficient migration.

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