Best Online Resources Every Business Should Use

best online resources every business should useIf your business has fallen on hard times it’s best to rethink your approach. You are probably stuck in ancient times where you needed to have a big billboard in order to advertise yourself. Times have changed and seen 140 characters make a whole lot of difference compared to dated marketing tactics. Contrary to popular belief, online resources go far beyond the scope of social media – albeit still very effective. A few such resources are listed here.

Online Coupons

Anyone in search of discounted products you’ll be pleased to know that there are tons of tons of deals all over the wide web. That said, searching for one that’s in line with your needs is no mean feat. Lucky for you a few business-savvy lads exploited this deficit and set up websites that keep you informed of all the deals available in almost all major stores. Promocodewatch is one such site that has cast a wide net in terms of the variety of product deals. It doesn’t matter whether you are in need of a discounted service or you are looking for an upgrade for your phone at a reasonable price.

Content Marketing

The importance of company blogs cannot be scaled down. They are slowly edging out company magazines and for good reason.  It is not only easier to update but also less costly to the business. That said, a company blog with a run of mill stuff does not cut it anymore. If you hope to hold the attention of any millennial on your site you should have engaging content that adds value to your audience. A few online gems that have proven helpful in this regard areGrammarly, Buzzsumo, and Schedule headline- analyzer. Between these three websites, you will know exactly what your information your target market wants, have a captivating title as well as a well-written mistake free article.


Online stores are a very effective way to branch out without actually setting roots all over the world. More and more people are realizing the benefits of online shopping and as such are willing to spend the extra coin for shipping. You could either start your own online shop or have another store like Amazon sell it for you. If you wish to create your own store I would recommend Shopify. This will allow you to create it without having to pay a developer. It will take care of just about everything you’ll need to run your own online store.

Webinar/Virtual Meeting

Gone are the days where you had to postpone an important meeting as you wait for folks to travel from different branches. These days with the click of a button you can conduct a seminar or meeting with your employees as well clients.  By this, I don’t mean the normal video conferencing platforms like Skype- though it still gets the job done. You can opt for online tools like Webinar-jam, GoToMeeting, and GoToWebinar.  Such platforms are better suited for business teleconferencing.

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