13 Best Tools and Services for Starting Online Business in 2018

best tools services for online business
2017 was a year of startups. The year 2018 will probably be even more productive. No surprise here, with so many apps available at hand, productivity will skyrocket. Here are twelve must-haves for every new business in 2018.

A/B Tasty

A/B Tasty is an excellent tool for all the marketers as well as business owners out there. It is designed to analyze the existing websites, draw heatmaps, and propose enhancements and templates for testing experiments. It is all that you need to optimize your site, generate leads and increase sales.

Online Form Builder

Just like it is essential to optimize your website if you want to increase conversions, it is necessary to have a good online web form. If the form is too complicated and lengthy, you’ll quickly lose your buyers if the form is too short, you’ll be risking of missing valuable information. Web forms can be built using online form builder. 123 Form builder is a tool designed to do just that. Anything from the contact form to the order form to the email form can be quickly integrated using this online form builder.


If you have just started your new online business but don’t have the resources to bring a full team on board to help you out with your digital marketing activities, GrowthGeeks are just for you! GrowthGeeks is a platform that offers you help with your online marketing like social media, website optimization, and product launches by providing a remote team of digital marketers.


screenshot baremetrics
Baremetrics is an all-in-one tool for analytics, forecasting, and engagement. Features like customer segmentation, control centers, and smart dashboards will help you to quickly handle everything from employee birthdays to all analytical and customer data effortlessly, with only a few clicks.


Before you go ahead and register your brand, you must do proper market research and competitor analysis. IdeaCheck is a tool designed to automate this process. All you need to do is describe your idea and the ideal audience. The rest is done by the app. In a few hours you will receive all the data and even feedback from your potential customers about the profitability of your idea.


Whether remotely or in-house, it is important to track the progress of your projects. Asana lets you communicate with your team leads and project managers swiftly, with no misunderstandings. On top of that, with Asana you can create, delegate, or cancel tasks for each project.


To organize your files, folders and all other types of documents, use Dropbox. It is a cloud storage tool designed to organize your documents, enable you to share and comment on it with other teammates, and create collaborative presentations online. With the advanced security implementations, Dropbox is safer than any other cloud storage for files, folders, and presentations.

Hemingway app

Don’t let your brand become unreliable or shifty. How does that happen? Through grammatically incorrect text in your emails, web copy, and documents. Hemingway app will notify you of unnecessarily long sentences, offer you shorter words instead of lengthy and confusing ones, highlight weakening phrases in your content.

Online invoices

screenshot onlineinvoices
Online Invoices is software created to make invoicing and accounting effortless. It not only helps you create invoices and manage your sales but also, it’s perfect for calculating taxes. App’s real-time reporting will let you measure the progress of your business accurately. With this CRM, you can track the progress of each payment, follow up with clients and do your accounting online.


With Slack, you can get all your team to reach the same goals. It’s an app designed to manage and communicate with all your employees, share files, analyze A/B testing experiments, and much more. You can create different chat channels to discuss various topics, search terms and phrases throughout all of the chats, and present new projects.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Establishing in-house top-notch customer support can increase sales but, also, turn out to be quite expensive. Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM that helps you manage your customer needs and complaints effortlessly and in the cloud. With social media integration, all comments on your posts will be in one place.


It is important to create a buzz online around every new business. The best way to do that is to outreach to bloggers and influencers. NinjaOutreach is a tool created to connect you with those talking about your competitors and similar products. Outreach to influencers through NinjaOutreach, gather industry contacts, and generate buzz around your brand effortlessly.


Indy allows subscribers to organize day-to-day tasks, track time, send out contracts and invoices, and manage multiple projects, enabling small businesses to get productivity services at an affordable cost. This tool helps to keep track of tasks for multiple projects by assigning filters or moving tasks from one project to another. Indy also allows you to track hours worked on specific tasks, which can easily be added to invoices before billing. The deadline and reminders feature will ensure you deliver your work on time.

Invision app

screenshot invisionapp
Creating and launching new products can become very daunting and time-consuming. Invision app lets you do that in style, quickly, and together with your teammates. Design prototyping tools allow you to present your idea online creatively, then share it with your teammates and ask for feedback.

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