Best Ways to Promote Your Law Business


A large number of law firms are missing opportunities due to not marketing their services across different communication channels.

Through content creation and online promotion, law firms can consistently attract new clients and position themselves as one of the top players in a specific niche.

If you want to figure out the best way to promote your law firm, look no further. This article goes on to provide six practical tips on how to grow your law business, regardless of your budget successfully.

1.      Work on your personal brand

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t highlight your personality and your professional experience as a means of promoting your business.

The truth is, your potential clients do care about whether you look professional in your LinkedIn picture, what your past work experience is like, how high your name ranks on Google’s search result pages, etc.

In fact, they care more about how you present yourself as an individual than how your company is depicted on its official website.

So, our top tips for you would be to:

  • Create a personal LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook profile rather than a business one
  • Write both an informative and an eye-catching bio
  • Create content within your area of expertise and post regularly
  • Include strong calls-to-action
  • Include your contact information

2.      Determine an audience and a niche

Although lawyers are trained to handle cases within all areas of law, specialized lawyers such as technology lawyers tend to be more efficient and have a higher success rate in court.

This is what your clients are told whenever they Google for tips on how to decide on which lawyer to hire. And that’s why you want to generate content that appeals to a specific, targeted audience.

Pick a single area of practice, such as immigration law, as your primary one and focus your marketing efforts on the type of clients it resonates with.

If you’re struggling with deciding on which area to focus on, you could perform market research and see how you’re positioned against your competition. This could help you uncover a potential market gap to fill.

3.      Produce high-quality content

High-quality articles, videos, podcasts, or other forms of content can be a great way to increase your brand awareness.

Apart from that, you can use content to educate, entertain, and inform your clients about your areas of expertise.

In case you’re struggling with content ideas, you can always look up “ask a lawyer” websites and see which topics within your legal field people are most interested in. The best kind of content aims to answer questions your potential clients have.

Once you figure out the right topic, you should:

  1. Focus on creating quality content over lengthy content. A 1000-word piece can be better than a 3000-word one – or a 2-minute-long video can end up being more engaging than a 45-minute-long one.
  2. Pay attention to formatting. Make your content readable or easy to follow, as people nowadays have shorter attention spans than ever.
  3. Diversify your content. Supplement your lengthier, more serious blog posts with shorter social media posts that include practical tips. Another type of content you can consider is videos, as they are growing increasingly popular.

4.      Promote your Law content

All those hours put into creating high-quality content can end up being in vain if you don’t put effort into promoting it.

The great news is that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on marketing your services. Sure, you can opt for paid ads on Google or Facebook, but there are other (cheaper!) ways to attract new clients.

Use the full potential of social media, not only to post content on it but to network as well. Consider marketing your service through emails. Visit or host local seminars where you can promote your website and have other participants rave about it on their social media.

Whichever way of promoting your content you decide to go for, it’ll certainly be better than sitting idly and doing nothing.

5.      Manage your brand’s online reputation

There are a couple of ways you can manage your brand’s online reputation.

One of them is to keep track of your reviews and make sure to respond to them professionally. Yes, even the negative ones!

This way, you’ll show your potential clients that you’re ready to address any of their concerns and resolve whatever issues they may have.

Besides that, you can set up notifications for whenever someone writes about you, your law firm, or your services online.

Whether you decide to write a simple “thank you” to a happy client, an apology to an unsatisfied one, or address comments more thoroughly, your potential clients will certainly appreciate your engagement.

6.      Keep track of your progress

This tip may be the hardest to follow, as it requires you to possess certain knowledge and skills outside of the legal area.

While you can certainly outsource marketing and SEO experts to help you promote your business, it’s always advisable that you know at least the basics of their work before deciding on a marketing strategy.

Knowing these basics will help you track whether your marketing activities are producing the desired results, which will, in turn, help you adjust your marketing tactics along the way.

The way to do it? Well, there are plenty of free and accessible analytic tools online that can help you with progress monitoring.

Just make sure to identify and set some measurable metrics first!

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