Business Tips & Guides: Choosing the Location for a Start Up

When it comes to taking that big leap and starting a business, few things are as important as location. As bizarre as it may sound, it communicates a great deal; status, success rate, importance, and even standards. Are you located in the city, where dreams are big and success is shown at all times? Or, is your start up in the middle of some barren field, where three customers a day might walk by?

Put simply, location matters. Even big supermarket chains put a great deal of thought into where they situate themselves, vital to their efficiency. Although, it is unreasonable to presume that every start up can afford their ideal location. Some must make the best of a bad bunch, but even within confining parameters, choosing the location for a start up is still incredibly important.

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Type of Business…

When it comes to finding a suitable location, a lot of it comes down to integrating into the market and community. People trust a friendly face that is quite happy to stand front and centre with a beaming smile, so a back alley start up in a grime covered passage likely won’t do.

Sometimes, a location depends on who you are and what your business does. If you sell furniture, you don’t want to be positioned up a mountain somewhere. If you sell clothes, perhaps don’t locate the start up to far out of town. Ultimately, it’s important for your business to have a clear identity, and location plays a big role in that sense of belonging.

Licenses and Leases

Securing a commercial property for a start up is no easy deal. The arrangement is a legal one, filled with rules and regulations that can bog down or boost a businesses prospects. In the end, this is an important factor to consider. Are you locked in, or free to leave?

The differences between licensing and leasing commercial property must be clearly made aware of, as they have varying levels of control and flexibility. Whether it’s limited access or a waiting period to back out of the contract, discerning these differences will spell out a better future for the start up. In the end, it’s important to be sufficiently educated on space and place!

Exploring Office Spaces

Securing the dream office space can seem like an unattainable dream, especially throughout the cityscape. Costs can ramp up to unreachable figures, and even just viewing high competition property can seem like a logistical nightmare.

However, discovering these spaces isn’t difficult, and renting commercial property in areas such as London is no longer a pipe dream. Whether it’s viewing the office space online or booking an in-person tour, nothing is entirely off the table for the start up. Do the research, and finding that perfect location will follow.

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