Customer Loyalty is Achieved Through Customization

Customer Loyalty is Achieved Through Customization
It is now clear that customizing goods and services is likely to increase customer loyalty significantly. By implementing traditional methods of customer relations whose effectiveness is enhanced by the use of advanced technological tools it is possible to optimize customer loyalty. This is the winning solution chosen by John Paul, leader of Conciergerie 2.0.

An effective strategy that takes advantage of disruptive technologies

Increasing customer loyalty is, above all, being able to retain the best of them. It is widely proven that the return on investment is much higher for commercial actions that aim to retain customers compared to those that will allow to convert new ones. The reason for this is simple. Companies need to spend more on conversions, which are not guaranteed at all, while loyal customers are the ones who spend the most in terms of volume and sales. They also spend much more frequently.

The John Paul 2.0 conciergerie service is a perfect example of what can be accomplished in terms of increasing customer loyalty when the right personalization strategy is deployed. Above all, it is your brand that must be highlighted. By developing a clearly stated brand positioning, it is possible to generate commitment and retain your customers. To systematize this approach a fluid and permanent dialogue is established with the customers. It is based on the use of applications based on artificial intelligence available on both smartphones and home assistants.

Establish a customer loyalty as privileged as it is supported

John Paul’s personalized customer relationship is based on high-end concierge services, personalized marketing and the use of a specific patented tool. It allows real-time and permanent profiling of customers. No change in their tastes or changes in their buying behaviour escapes analysis. Customer information is certainly the fuel with which personalization campaigns work. The success of improving customer loyalty, therefore, depends directly on the amount of information, as well as the quality, of the information you have about your customers.

Customer Loyalty is Achieved Through Customization
The combination of traditional business techniques largely based on the search for exclusivity by customers is combined with the faculties of evaluation and clustering of artificial intelligence. It’s the winning combination to develop a flexible customization scheme that is continually readjusted and guarantees long-term customer loyalty.

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