Day Trading Strategy for Beginners

day trading strategy for beginners
You’ve probably heard a lot about day trading or looking to make money from the stock market and wonder what the best winning strategies abound for beginners. The truth is there is a lot of money to be made when trading stocks. Some people earn an income by buying and selling shares on a daily, and so there is no harm in trying if you, too, want to cash out from stocks and indices.

There are many things you want to wrap your head around when it comes to day trading. From the best brokers in the market to different software to monitor price movements to do a comparison between the best prop trading firms. You surely have a lot to learn if you are starting with no experience. There are useful tips here, for those looking to learn about all the winning methods. To work your way up the ladder from newbie to pro status, you will need to adopt a trading strategy to improve your chances of success.

What is Day Trading?

For most people, anyone who trades currencies and indices online is a day trader, but there is more to it than exchanging a pair of currencies. The simple way to describe the act is a process that involves buying and selling a security or asset within a trading day. Each event in the market is measured by the second, so it is possible to record multiple transactions on a trading day.

The active day trader looks to capitalize on a small shift in the price of an asset to make profits. But while you can’t always predict the direction of the price movement, there are security measures available to help mitigate losses. And this is one reason why you need a winning strategy. Successful traders swear that holding your stocks for long is the best way to make it big, but others beg to differ. Everyone has tactics that they employ to make profits, and you, too, want to find yours.

Beginner Day Trading Strategies to Master

As a first-timer with no trading skills or experience, the first thing you need to do is to get training. There are numerous courses online that can get you started on your opening trade. Not sure whether you should commit to a premium course, there are free resources such as blog articles like this one, YouTube that can provide you with useful information to get started.

Still not on board with online learning, you can find training services that offer group seminars and lectures on how to become a day trader. So you want to explore all the options available at your disposal.

master day trading strategy

1. Know the Basics

You want to know the basics of buying and selling assets. This will include learning all you can about stocks, indices, brokerage, cryptocurrencies, stop loss and the many terminologies associated with day trading. You will get started on with the basics if you enroll for a course or take beginner lessons, which is why you want to consider training.

2. Get your Finances in Order

Day traders are well organized and professional in their approach to dealing with stocks and other assets. This is what sets them apart from those who trade on forex and cryptocurrencies. To be able to stay committed to your daily routine, you surely want to get a handle on your finances. You don’t want to lose your entire lot the first day of the week, so you want to handle your finances.

3. Manage your Time

Expert day traders also advise that you find the best time to feel more relaxed to carry out your business. You should know that an hour or two isn’t enough to get insights into the market. So you will need to dedicate enough time daily to monitoring price movements and looking for the best opportunities to get into the market.

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4. Start Small

It would help if you started with little investments when trading as a beginner. Since you are still learning the ropes, it may be best to use a demo program to understand how to buy and sell before actually getting a live platform. It is common for newbies to lose a lot when trading forex and cryptos, and the same goes for stocks and indices. You will need to get experience before making big commitments to your deals.

5. Discipline

You want to take your trading game to another level, and the same goes for your coordination. There is a great deal of commitment and mental alertness required to make the right decisions regarding buying and selling, so you must be disciplined enough to make the best of your investments.

6. Set Realistic Goals

Most people in a bid to make much in a short time tend to blow their entire capital. You should know that while it is possible to make profits trading, you are also at a major risk of losing your investments. So it helps if you reduce the pressure on yourself by being realistic about your profits.

Techniques to Manage Risk

Since you are betting against the odds and playing with high risks, you surely want to look for ways to reduce the chance of losses. Some of the best expert approach you may want to consider include.

trading risk management bull or bear


This is a strategy that helps to prevent you from losing out entirely on an investment. What it does is it helps to determine the best exit time when you are already losing out in a trade.

Position Size

Another one to note is the position size, which is the number of shares carried out on a single trade. These sizes help to mitigate against massive losses from your investment. There is additional information here on how best to avoid losses as a day trader.

Final Note

You want to take all the information you can find on day trading and get hands-on experience to find a winning strategy. It is best to start with small investments and only use 1% of your capital for each deal. Having a strict approach to your stakes is essential when it comes to becoming a successful day trader.

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