Email Marketing Strategies to Implement on Your Blog

email-marketing-strategies-to-implement-on-your-blogEmail marketing is highly effective for bloggers to increase sales and much more. It is not at all difficult to use this with a blog but the truth is that email marketing strategies are complicated. You need to be careful and always use appropriate strategies. There are various reasons why any business should use email marketing. We cannot deny this.

We can tell you so many different things about email marketing strategies and offer a lot of different strategy examples that can be used. However, those below are usually overlooked so we should focus on them.

Homepage Opt-In Captures

Whenever you start a blog, the first thing that you consider is how it looks and the content that is offered. It is common to add some sort of opt-in form but there is one region of the site that few people take advantage of: the homepage. Most sites do not have an opt-in form present on the homepage.

One of the really easy ways to increase business revenues is to add homepage opt-ins. The problem is that just 36% of the firms that do use this option will add the opt-in forms in a suitable location. It is important that you do not add the form in the footer region. Consider using popovers since they drastically increase the possibility of acquiring a subscriber. However, you do need to test the tools that you use to tweak efficiency.

Transform Welcome Emails To Programs

Getting a new subscriber is just the first step that you need to take. Obviously, you will want to send a great welcome email so that the subscriber would have a reason to stay a member of the database. Taking this idea further is possible. That initial contact can be highly effective. Instead of just welcoming the new subscriber, you could move towards the onboarding approach.

As an example, when there is a site that will go to your site, looks at jeans and then subscribes to the email program, it is possible to receive an initial deal that is for something else. That means that an opportunity was missed. The emails that are sent should be a progression and incorporate great content based on something that is noticed in the pre-opt period.


Various email marketing programs have been using abandonment emails related to shopping carts. There are businesses that manage to make millions every single year because of remarketing emails. You can move even higher and look at the opportunities that are available.

Technology advanced and it is now possible to use trigger remarketing emails. They would be sent to your subscribers when visiting some sections or pages of a site. You can easily expect to have higher revenue from such emails when compared to the regular broadcasting emails. Remarketing is not only effective with Pay Per Click advertising. It is also really good for blogs and email marketing.

Using Special Days For Email Marketing

This is definitely an ordinary email marketing strategy but it is one that is highly effective. The idea is to capture the birthdate of the subscriber. Then, you create a special email that is related to that date. You basically use the date as a trigger to make a sale. Adding personalization would be necessary. It is possible to use an email series or dynamic content to increase conversion rates.

A good idea is to consider the recently browsed items and recommendations that are based on the previous purchases and lists in order to customize the emails. Since every single person wants to feel special during a birthday, encouraging that individual to offer himself a birthday gift is a great idea. Remember that you can also use special date campaigns that are not necessarily connected with birthdays. This includes membership anniversaries, purchase anniversaries and any trigger for a happy buying memory.

Behavior Based Segmenting

The email that includes irrelevant information will always be deleted. It is a really good idea that you analyze visitor site behavior and purchase patterns in order to deliver highly effective emails. When you take behavior into account, it is possible that you increase conversions by up to 300%. Various tools are available for those that want to analyze blog visitor behavior. Use them and customize the emails in order to increase conversions.

Early Activation Instead Of Reactivation

Every single email marketer out there knows that inactive subscribers always exist. Even with highly successful and high conversion lists we are faced with around 40% inactivity. Instead of remaining focused on reactivating the people that are inactive, the better approach is to save the subscriber whenever you notice disengagement. Early activation programs help you to drastically increase conversions.

Try to design some campaigns that are focused on the subscribers that did not engage with the emails in the past few months. Such an early activation program can include special offers, the very best deals that the company offers, surveys or other effective techniques that you can use.


All the email marketing strategies that were mentioned above will help you to increase conversion rates associated with the blog’s mailing efforts. However, there is no guarantee of success. It is really important that you are patient and that you constantly tweak absolutely all the elements associated with the campaign that you currently run.

Changing an email program is definitely a tough task. You need to make sure that the business’ problems are identified and then solved. There is no gain in a campaign that promotes something that does not work properly in the first place. You have to make sure that your goals are clear and that your blog uses a proper conversion strategy outside of the emails you would send.

Last but not least, remember that any new strategy takes time to properly tweak. You want to be sure that you allow yourself at least 3 months in order to see if it is effective or not. The smart email marketers will keep making changes until conversion rates would be maximized.

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