Financial Risks Startup Owners Need to Be Aware Of

financial risks startup owners need to be aware ofWhen you look at startup statistics it is hard to understand why most startups fail during their first 2 years. When you think about the reasons why this happens it is easy to notice that so many different things can go wrong. According to Ventiv Tech, a risk management software provider, the big problem with startup owners is that they often do not have the necessary experience to look at all the factors of importance associated with running a business. So many things have to be controlled and any small mistake can lead to a chain of events that will turn into a catastrophe.

While there are various things we should take into account, the financial risks are the ones that should be highlighted first. That is because every single business out there will be closed when cash is no longer available. What can be done to prevent such an unwanted situation?

Having A Plan B

A big problem in startups is not having a plan B. Let’s say that the lenders or investors you will get in touch with will simply deny what you need. What can you do there? Entrepreneurs tend to fail since they think it will be really easy to secure financing. When referring to outside financing things couldn’t be farther away than the truth.

Starting Businesses That Are Less Capital-Intensive

There are various startups out there that will be capital-intensive. However, when you are just a beginner entrepreneur it is important to pay your due diligence. It will be very hard to locate investors that are willing to risk it with you. It is much better to start a company that does not need much initial funding. At the same time, when you start the startup, you need to have 2 business plans:

  • A bootstrapped plan where you have to do everything alone.
  • A plan to grow businesses when investors are found.

When you manage to raise the capital that is needed, you have to start acquiring all the revenue necessary to cover all costs before you are going to end up without money. Raising capital is much more complicated than what many think.

Dealing With Financial Risks While Businesses Are Running

Most aspiring entrepreneurs think the tough part is getting the necessary funds to start the company. This is incorrect. In reality, the most difficult part is to deal with finances while the business is running. So many things are capable of appearing while the startup is performing its operations. For instance, customers may end up defaulting invoices. Raw materials can end up becoming too high. Dollars can become stronger and you can end up with lower profits. Obviously, you have to prepare for every single unexpected situation like this.


Entrepreneurs quickly find out that it is really hard to raise money in various circumstances and that running any startup is difficult. You should always prepare for unexpected situations and have a plan B that will protect you in the event that something goes wrong.

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