Five Mistakes You Could Make In Personal Branding

five mistakes you could make in personal branding
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Branding is a term we always hear in business and marketing all the time. Most of us have grown up with specific brands that have made a permanent indentation in our memories and all we have to do is see a company’s logo, and we play their slogan in our head.

Most of these well-known brands use professional companies to make their brand recognition across to new generations of customers. We all know that the internet has revolutionized most of the industries of today.

Part of the ways brands receiving due recognition comes from SEO.

Colby Richards of points out that ranking takes organic ethical approaches in SEO along with the best digital strategies for the industry standards.

It’s not enough you know what you should do to build your personal brand. You should also know what you should not do in order to avoid certain mistakes that can put your effort in vain and even destroy your brand.

Avoiding these Branding Mistakes

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1. Getting Followers for the Sake of Followers

Increasing the number of your followers is useless if they are not completely interested in the content you are spreading. What’s the use of having 900,000 followers if none of them interact with you?

It’s much better to have only 1,000 followers who consistently comment and share your posts than to have a million of them who don’t care.

2. Be Yourself When Posting

It’s true that posting too often through social media may brand your posts as spam. However, this does not mean you should do it less often. It’s important to let others know you exist.

Also, when you do post you should be able to express yourself in your unique way. Don’t’ try to pretend you’re someone else, be yourself so you can connect with your audience.

3. Not Using Your Own Content

In social media, sharing of ideas is extremely common, particularly if you intend to grab your reader’s attention based on their demographics. Most of the time, people express their opinion using a shared post, particularly if it stands out for them.

Creating your own original content for your site is critical, as you don’t want to fall into the trap and use content that others are using. Unique content can go viral if it reaches the right people exposing your brand.

4. Not Seeking the Help of Users with Influence

No matter how often you engage with your existing followers, you cannot simply grow their numbers by just doing the same thing repeatedly.

Try looking for some connections with your followers by having a newsletter or have a time when you interact with them once a month so you can be hands on while taking suggestions.

5. Not Resorting to Professional Help

There is no question that many people and companies who have become successful in making their respective brands popular have sought the advice of professionals and consultants.

In fact, they can hire professionals to simply work on their branding goals. Not resorting to this approach may prolong your branding effort as it’s smart to have experts enabling your success.


Establishing your online presence is not easy. It’s not just a simple creation of your online profile. Keep in mind that your reputation depends on how your visitors and followers perceive you, so be careful in your personal branding approach.

Each strategy can make or break your name. The above mistakes are the ones you should avoid, and there are a lot more personal branding blunders you must avoid along the way.

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