Four Cold Calling Steps to Improve Lead Generation

Although some unscrupulous salespeople have changed the image that a cold call creates, calling is still a vital lead generation tool. When compared to other ways of attracting and converting customers like cold emailing, it offers a human touch. However, for it to be successful, you should integrate it with your main lead generation strategies.

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Those involved in cold calling should be articulate, organized and engaging enough to keep the potential customers interested. Their training should aim at turning them into a consistently productive extension of the sales team. Having a well-laid-down prospecting strategy is essential since training will be counterproductive without approaching the right prospects.

Consider following these four steps to improve your call success rates:

Identify the Problems You Will Solve

While you might already have a solution to a certain problem, the unfortunate truth is that there are a variety of companies offering the same solution. The question is, what differentiates your services from the rest? The initial step is to identify the main pain points of your businesses and the individuals that you would love to have as clients.

Next, work out a way to differentiate your brand from the rest of the competitors. You can reduce the cost of calling your clients through strategies like using toll free numbers, offering discounts and even free delivery. For instance, UniTel Voice provides 1-800 numbers that work with your existing phones (home, office, or cell phones), so you can run your business on the go.

Identify the Companies to Work With

There is a world of companies out there that require your services. But, your ability to serve them will all depend on factors such as your company’s size and its location. Make a list of companies that would appreciate your services in the most convenient way. In case working with one will involve high costs than expected, consider them once you upsize your business.

Different companies will respond well to different pitches from your business. Consider learning more about what makes the companies in your list tick. You can then proceed to customize a pitch to make the sale you desire. Make sure to stick to what matters most to your business.

Make the Call Engaging

Once you have a good idea of your target audience and what will and won’t work for them, make your call enticing enough for the prospect to keep talking to you. Ask relevant questions that will further improve the flow of conversation. Instead of using a telemarketing script, go the extra mile to make the conversation more engaging and organic by customizing it to suit the specific business or individual.

make the call engaging

Be sure to also listen to what the potential client has to say. Offering a listening ear can not only increase your chances of landing a long-term client but also help build the right impression for your company. Engaging your client the right way requires you to have a good understanding of who they are and what they want from your business.

Have a Follow-Up Call

Lead nurturing is not a one call task as it will need you to build a rapport with your potential client, according to Forbes. It is vital to follow up in a way that won’t go against your customer’s comfort zone. In case they had urged you to follow up through other means such as email, then it is best that you follow such guidelines.

A follow-up call will help you provide a solution to any issue that you left unsolved during the first time you contacted them. Since you already have a good standing with your prospect, then this might be the best time to try cross-selling some of your other products and services. Pick a product that will best suit their needs without necessarily nagging them.


Tele-prospecting acts as a bridge for developing a strong bond with potential clients. With the right approach from the onset, you can create a lasting impression. Use the steps above when cold calling to encourage more people to do business with your business.

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