Get It Right the First Time: The Benefits of Hiring a Developer for Your Small Business Website

get it right the first time the benefits of hiring a developer for your small business websiteWhen you launch a new website for your small business, you may already know about the benefits of hiring a web designer.

But what about a web developer?

The terms web designer and developer are often used interchangeably, and many web design agencies will also offer development services. But they are actually very different.

So what are the benefits of hiring a developer? Here are some of the most important, along with some classic small business website mistakes to avoid.

Why Hire a Web Developer?

When you start considering whether to hire web development professionals to help with your new website, you’ll want to know the main benefits they will provide.

First of all, a developer will make sure your website is unique. With so many free website templates around these days, it is easy to launch your own website without any design skills. But the result will be a very similar site to thousands of other businesses.

A web developer will create you something from scratch rather than use a free template. They will make sure you have a custom design that will reflect your brand image so you stand out from your competitors.

Being unique is especially important online now that nearly every business has an online presence, and you want to make sure you stand out. A developer can help you do that.

Then there is the increased visibility to consider. A website needs to get found, and that often means you will want it to show up in the search engines for searches related to your products and services.

Much of SEO involves creating and distributing valuable content, but the website makes a big difference as well. You need to ensure you have a website that is SEO friendly as soon as it is launched, and this involves skilled coding.

Web developers are expert coders, and an experienced pro will make sure your site is in the best shape possible to rank highly in the search engines once you start marketing it. This will help you to drive more traffic to your site over time, which can lead to a lot more business.

A developer will also be there for you when things go wrong. While you can often do a lot of the work on your website yourself, such as editing and publishing content, some problems will be too advanced to deal with yourself.

If you used a skilled web developer to create your site, you can return to them when you experience a problem and they will be able to help so you don’t waste any time.

You will also get exactly what you want when you hire a developer. They will make changes and alter the site until it is what you are looking for, and you never have to settle for something that is just okay.

A good developer is also up to date with all the latest technologies. They know what works and what is outdated, and this includes knowledge of security issues, so they will help you to launch a strong and secure site based on the latest tech.

Avoid Classic Beginner Mistakes

As well as all of the above benefits, a web developer can also help you to avoid some of the most common beginner mistakes when you launch your new site.

One of these mistakes is creating a site that is too flashy. It’s easy for non-developers to assume that they need to include lots of elements that they think look great, but this can often make your website too crowded, and this can be a turnoff for visitors. Indeed, the best websites are often more simple.

Another classic mistake is launching a website that is slow to load. This can be due to including too many unnecessary elements or not formatting the images or videos correctly, or even coding issues.

A slow site will provide a bad user experience as well as hurt your SEO efforts. It is one of the problems you really want to avoid, and a developer will make sure you are not affected by it.

Another mistake is coming across as amateur. It’s easy to launch a website yourself, but it will almost certainly look unprofessional, and this is not the image you want for your business. Your website is often the first time a person encounters your business and you want to make the right first impression, so use a web developer and create a professional image.

Find a Skilled Developer for Your Website

There are many good reasons to hire a web developer for your business, so make sure you consider them and start your search for a developer to help you with your site.

Then avoid the classic mistakes when launching a business website, and enjoy having a professional website that helps to attract visitors and increase sales.


Matthew Middleton has worked as a website designer/developer for several years. He works predominantly with small e-commerce businesses to get them up and running online.

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