Getting Started with Video Content Marketing: Structuring a Winning Strategy

video content marketing strategy tips guidesAnytime you start a marketing campaign, you want to do everything you can to get your message to your current and potential customers. You probably have a great social media strategy, and you surely won’t forget about the tradition routes of advertising that still work, but have you thought about using video to enhance your campaign?

Video is one of the best mediums with which to tell your company’s story: it’s an immediate and engaging way to capture your audience’s attention and can be used in many different ways. Neglecting video as part of any marketing campaign can leave you playing catch up with your competition. Here are some things to consider if you want to make video a big part of your next content marketing strategy.

Video Provides Immediate Shareability

If you operate a business in almost any field, chances are you already have an internet presence, either with your own website or, at the very least, a few social media accounts. In today’s world, if you’re not taking advantage of the internet, you’re doing your company a great disservice.

And when it comes to video marketing, social media and other sites seem as if they were made for you to post videos to get your message out there to the masses. The reason you want to take advantage of social media with video is because your audience can immediately share your posts with others, spreading your message quickly and effectively. And if you get lucky, you can make a video that goes “viral” and reaches hundreds of thousands of people.

This means that you want to focus on creating video content that fits well into the social media sites you are involved in. Think about each audience and tailor your videos to match their interests.

Vary the Lengths of Your Videos

Another way to keep your audience interested in your message is to vary the lengths of your videos. This will automatically provide diverse content so that your videos never get repetitive or boring.

Think about it: you couldn’t possibly cover the same information in a 30-second video as you could with a five-minute video, so by varying your lengths, you are forced to think about different ways to present your message. You should even work on short videos that are super-easy for people to watch and share as they scroll through their social media feeds.

Varying the lengths of your videos also gives you creative freedom to market your message in different ways. You can create long-form documentaries that provide in-depth analysis and information, or you can create those 30-second videos as if they were commercials. The possibilities are endless and you should try to take advantage of many different lengths.

Stay Current

Because video is such an easy media to consume, it has a short shelf life. After a few days, your audience will start to tire of most of your videos (those really good ones should last longer), so you need to provide fresh content, or create a series of interconnected video content that holds the interest of your audience for long stretches of time.

If you have reliable video production services that can create video content quickly, you can also take advantage of current events. If something is trending on social media that works well with your marketing message, it can sometimes be a good idea to coordinate a video to fit that trend. For example, if you sell baby clothes and people are talking about a celebrity that just gave birth, you can take advantage of that trend and create a video to fit in with it.

Show Your Company Personality

There are some commercials that you just know which company they are for as soon as they start: this is a good thing. It means that company has curated a tone, a voice or an image that is immediately recognizable. As a business, you can’t ask for more than to be recognizable in an instant.

However often you post videos, you want to create a feeling that they are related somehow, whether it’s through the use of the same characters, the same opening music or title card…anything that after one or two views, your audience will say, “Ah, I know which company made this.” This will provide an instant connection with your viewers and make them more likely to view your videos in the future.

Anytime you’re starting a new marketing campaign, don’t forget about video content to make it more successful.


Bailey Nolan has been working in the web-marketing profession ever since leaving college. He enjoys watching the new marketing methods come into play and continually coming up with new marketing ideas for his clients.

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