Google Drive or Glasscubes, Benefits of a Subscription Service

google-drive-or-glasscubes-benefits-of-a-subscription-serviceWhile your employees are hacking away at this month’s workload, you’re finding it difficult to identify which hours have been assigned to a client, and which hours were used to complete an internal project.

The monthly expense report is nearly due, and while you don’t quite have all the figures ready, one thing is for certain; it’s time to employee a new system that puts all the information you need in one place, and makes it easier for your employees to allocate hours and communicate with the client.

As a small business owner you have to make many budgetary considerations, and when it comes to SaaS, do you opt to use Google’s free services or pay a subscription for a platform like Glasscubes? Here’s a quick overview to help you decide the pros and cons of both.

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Google Plus

Everybody already has an account, and it’s free. No strings. No subscription fee. Google offers an any-file-type storage of up to 15GB per user, and with mobile rewards like sharing local photos on Google Maps, you can earn even greater virtual drive space though Google’s points system.

Google Plus is a very complete solution, beside your Gmail email and drive, there are a thorough set of Office tools, that while not quite as extensive as Microsoft’s suit, will help you create and edit documents on the go. An instant messenger is also built in to make communication easy and direct.

There’s no cancellation fee, and you don’t have much to lose giving it a go.


Now you might be wondering why you’d want to pay for a service that’s so freely available as Google, but there are some considerable advantages.

Glasscubes is more than a collective set of tools, it’s a complete platform on which employees and their clients can interact. Glasscubes offers seamless communication, so when it comes to a project for instance, anyone can see annotations or take note of deadlines.

Additionally, while Google is probably fairly secure, with a service like Glasscubes, there’s a dedicated server that’s constantly checked on and maintained.

Glasscubes also offers personised tech support, you can just give them a ring any time.

When it comes time to file your next expense report, you’ll know exactly what’s going with the proper tools at your disposal. Choose Google and enjoy many useful tools at no cost, or choose Glasscubes for an extensive project management platform that you can always count on.

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