Holiday Travels From The UAE

Holiday Travels From The UAE

New Year and Christmas holidays come with a lot of exciting opportunities, and traveling is one of them. Regardless of where they live, many people keep on planning their dream new year holiday throughout the year. Despite such timely planning, many find it almost impossible to finalize that one perfect destination where they can make memories of a lifetime.

Speaking of such indecisiveness, the residents of UAE usually find it difficult to decide on a travel destination. UAE itself has so many exciting spots and travel opportunities that its residents rarely find going anywhere else much exciting.

Destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi make great holidaying options for UAE residents. Other than these, most of the holiday plans of UAE residents are targeted towards a few specific regions.

But Wait!

It is always advisable to get yourself insured before traveling, no matter what. Getting your travel insurance before you head out for a vacation isn’t usually a big deal, especially for UAE residents. Thanks to First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), you and your family can get all types of insurance and security for all your travel plans.

Now that you’re insured, it’s time we explore the best holiday destinations for UAE residents. Below are some of the most amazing places UAE residents can travel to this Christmas and New Year.

1. Dubai

People from all over the world dream of spending their New Year with their loved ones in Dubai. Such good popularity in terms of vacationing leaves almost every UAE resident with no chance except choosing Dubai for their first-ever travel plan.

An influential digital surveying program within the Emirates revealed that a huge number of UAE residents fly to Dubai to spend their Christmas and New Year holidays each year. Among other things, the magnificent fireworks display at Burj Khalifa and pleasant weather attract a large number of tourists to Dubai repeatedly.

If you plan to visit Dubai, we suggest you spend considerable time in Dubai’s shopping malls. New Year is always a good time to hoard things you love from steal prices and discounted sales. Make sure you use your cashback credit-cards so you can shop as much as you want without any fear.

2. Tokyo

Seems like UAE residents are true lovers of colors and festive vibes and want their New Year Eve to be spent most joyfully. This is probably why Tokyo is among the hottest favorite places for many traveling from the UAE at the end of the year. Japan has quite a lot of varying fun-filled activities for almost everyone on the New Year.

You can either visit the famed city buildings for count-downs and massive fireworks or can simply dine out and go dancing with your loved ones. Tokyo also holds various concerts during the last and the first week every year. Attending one of those could be a good idea.

3. Turkey

Turkey is another top favorite travel destination for almost everyone all around the year. Interestingly, more and more UAE residents favor this beautiful country for their New Year and Christmas plans.

If you’re an introvert and aren’t much into fireworks and clubbing, then Turkey is THE PLACE for you. Imagine roaming all around the city with your loved ones by your side on a festive yet calm evening! The very thought of it is making your heart flutter, right?

4. Russia

Russia is another country hosting numerous travelers from UAE on New Year and Christmas holidays from the past few years. Those traveling from UAE particularly love choosing Russia over any other place because of the short 5-hour flight time and the cold weather.

Moreover, the visa restrictions for traveling between the UAE and Russia have been eased just recently. This makes Russia quite an affordable place for anyone traveling from the UAE with fewer hurdles to cater. You can also shop from any Air Miles affiliated merchant within UAE and redeem the points on your airline ticket to make your travel even more affordable.

Do’s and Don’ts when traveling to and from UAE

Every traveler is supposed to take care of a few things, either when traveling within the UAE or elsewhere. In any of these cases, makes sure to:

  • Get yourself vaccinated before traveling
  • Invest in a good travel insurance plan
  • Take along enough money and all your documents
  • Work-out the visa process carefully and fulfill all the requirements
  • On the other hand, make sure not to:
  • Carry illegal drugs or alcohol with you to any of the UAE’s airports
  • Indulge in explicit PDA at UAE’s public spots
  • Come back without an approval document from UAE’s government


Traveling to and from UAE isn’t complex. Make sure to fulfill all the visa and documentation requirements, and you’re free to visit any country you want.

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