How Can Greenhouse Recruitment Process Help You Build a Flexible System

applicant tracking system greenhouse benefits advantagesA recruitment process needs to be flexible to the best possible level. We have several tools that claim to be flexible towards this end. However, the actual test depends upon the exact requirements you may have and the ability of the tool to meet those specific needs. Greenhouse is indeed one of the tools that offer you customisable solutions in streamlining your recruitment process. How does it do it? We will analyze the best features of the software.

Greenhouse – An Overview

Greenhouse is an ideal applicant tracking and optimization software for recruitment. It can help you source, review, hire and train the talent that you would need for your organization. In fact, it helps you all through the recruitment process by guiding you through all the stages of talent acquisition right from sourcing the right candidates to offering assistance in focused interviews.

Unlike the other competing products, greenhouse doesn’t just work as an ATS system. It offers you a complete solution that covers almost all areas of the hiring process. It provides several advantages while doing so. A good number of well-known companies like Airbnb and Cisco depend on the efficiency of Greenhouse and that should stand a proof for the capability of the tool.

How Does It Work?

The first and foremost advantage of using the Greenhouse Recruiting Process software is the fact that it eliminates the need for the tedious process of manually checking out the resumes and applications you receive. It introduces an element of automation into the hiring process and thus offers you several programs within the software to aid you through the different processes involved in your recruitment process.

The functionality of the tool begins with the sourcing of the right candidates. It assesses the exact needs of your organization and gathers the potential candidates based on these criteria. The candidates and information about them are gathered from several sources. That would include job portals, social media profiles, in-house referrals, recruitment agencies and events. Greenhouse integrates all the sources to arrive at the right list of candidates.

Advantages of Opting for Greenhouse

The major benefits involved in opting for Greenhouse would include the effectiveness and time-saving features that it offers you all through your hiring needs. It makes your screening, interviews and hiring a lot easier as compared to the traditional modes.

Some of the features worth the consideration can be:

  • Support for multiple job boards. It even supports third-party job boards.
  • Job descriptions are shared on social media profiles. This will help your organization source candidates who are quite active on social media.
  • The candidate management database is one of the excellent options offered by Greenhouse. The database includes resume/text search, search filtering based on skill sets, export of data to Excel and elimination of duplicate profiles.
  • You can score the candidates on a variety of skills and attributes. This can be helpful in arriving at the right decision for choosing the right candidate for the right job.
  • Support through a dedicated mobile app should be another added advantage for an efficient control over the hiring process. It can be helpful in keeping all the departments in the loop so that they can provide their input with respect to what they are looking for in the probable candidate.

Support Mechanism

Support system plays an important role in any software solution. Greenhouse is an excellent option from that perspective. It offers you several channels for addressing your concerns if any.

You can contact the support team through email or live chat options. You can expect the resolutions and follow-ups within a reasonable time. If you are looking for more possibilities of working with Greenhouse, you can refer to the considerable number of Knowledgebase articles on their official website. Greenhouse also conducts frequent webinars and hosts training videos for those clients who need any additional assistance.

Greenhouse Customer Community is yet another option you can fall back on if you have any queries on how to use the software. You can converse with the fellow users on the community forums. Greenhouse also assigns a dedicated Implementation Specialist for you while you join in. You can also opt for a dedicated Account Manager for a continuous support.

Parting Thoughts

Greenhouse is not just an ATS solution that fits your needs. It works towards being a complete solution for all your needs in the hiring process. It has been growing at a steady pace and has been considered to be a capable talent acquisition tool in its own right.

The fact that it has won several awards for excellence should prove its efficiency. Some of the worthy mentions can be the Best Place to Work by Glassdoor, and Forbes Cloud 100. If you are looking for the top talent in your organization, greenhouse should be the first one you look at.

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