How Home Improvement Companies Like Burkfield Are Using Social Media

how-home-improvement-companies-like-burkfield-are-using-social-mediaIn the past couple of years, online marketing has increased by leaps and bounds. If you take a look at the success of home improvement companies like burkfield are having, you can be sure they have mastered the art of promoting their business online.  Similarly, your business too can take complete advantage of online marketing.  While there are typical home improvement marketing ideas, outside the box strategies will enable you to stand out and capture consumers out there. Listed below are some of the ways in which you can promote your home improvement brands online.

Let The Content Do The talking

Would you believe me if I tell you that around 74.2% of companies have claimed their marketing team’s lead have seen a boost ever since they adopted content marketing approach? We live in the information era and people of all ages are looking for information to put to use in their daily lives. For home improvement gigs, open up a blogpost and talk about the dos and donts of home improvement, while you market about your ways of doing it right. Discuss why customers should hire you – the idea is to provide quality and helpful content. Try to focus on their questions and queries and answer them in a way that will not only help them find a solution but make them come back for more. Another great way of providing valuable content is by putting up tutorial videos, slideshows and infographics. The smartest thing is to offer them some sort of free trial or download package after which you can get them to sign up for other offers.

Develop Those Leads

Humans are fickle minded beings. They have a tendency to forget something they have done in the past and this is why they need a little nudge, a little reminder. Once your content has attracted potential consumers and they have downloaded some sort of files or signed up for one of your newsletters, you give them a little nudge with new content. For instance, if a customer had signed up for kitchen cabinets, then you can send them an email that may contain things like “5 new popular kitchen cabinet designs” or “Kitchen Cabinet Installation Hacks”. The idea behind these emails is to remind your customers about your existence. These regular emails will make them think about a problem that may or may not exist but it will get them thinking about you and thus they will come to you for help. It’s quite easy to get the consumers spending.

Bring Back The Old Customers

While you are nudging your potential clients about coming to you for help, why not bring back the ones who were there before? You may have helped out a customer install a bathtub before but does that customer know that you also specialize in repairing house roofs? If not, then you better come up with a well-worded email that states how much you have missed them and how skilled you and your team are at providing other services such as roof repairs.  The reason why this is almost certain to work in your favor is because these are your old clients. They have hired your services previously and they know that you can get the job done. so they will obviously opt for somebody they know instead of trusting somebody completely new.

Social Media Competition

The best way to advertise your company is by making people talk about it, and the best way to make them talk about you is by offering something in return. Social media competitions are one of the trendiest ways to promote your company. It’s a technique often used to perfection, especially by big restaurants. By asking your followers on social media to carry out a certain work, i.e. share a certain post or comment their favorite object or tagging others, you allow them a chance to win some sort of prize. The prize can be anything from a discount voucher, a free after service offer or even let’s say a boiler. To most customers, a simple share on their social media is no big hassle if it means they can win something attractive. As they keep sharing and tagging others, your customer base will eventually grow and you will see a healthy rise in number of people seeking your services.

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