How Much Do You Have to Pay for SEO?

seo-tipsNowadays search engine optimization and services that offer their help in the field of SEO are in quite a high demand, becoming even more and more popular every day. For a small business like an online writing agency that offers academic papers for sale or for a budding entrepreneur starting an online store that sells books, website optimization is the best way to get traffic and attain prominence. It’s not less effective for large businesses that have to keep their high positions on the market.

Investing in SEO: Pricing Options

If you’re wondering what a fair price for SEO services is, there’s actually not just one answer. The rate of competition today forces the companies set affordable prices to stay afloat. Of course, you can try to optimize your website yourself and spend no money at all. But won’t it be losing instead of saving? When turning to the help of professionals, here’s how you can pay for it:

Monthly fee

If your website needs constant optimization, it’s reasonable to pay a SEO-company per month. The cost of such cooperation can be from $600 to $5000. It depends on a particular company you address. Small agencies and newcomers in this field may offer a small range of services limited to the SEO basics at rather cheap prices, while full service agencies have much to offer and charge high for their professionalism and efficiency.

Hourly payment

Different companies offer different SEO packages where the prices depend on how many hours of targeted activities you want a specialist to spend on your project and what exactly these activities are. Usually, this pricing model is used when there are certain tasks that must be done within a little time. Hourly SEO rates differ from company to company and fluctuate between $50 and 300$.

Charging per project

When you want something to be done and you know exactly what it is but don’t know how long it will take to implement these tasks, it makes sense to discuss your cooperation with an agency within a special project. You can ask for custom services that will include all that you need and meet your expectations that are beyond the limits of SEO packages. The typical cost for this may vary from $1000 to $5000.

Output-based contract

This form of cooperation and payment has a high return of investment (ROI) because the amount of money spent here depends on an outcome you get. The SEO-agency will do whatever is needed to show you the result if they want to be paid. Although there’s no exact cost to tell you the average numbers, the question of money won’t be a problem for sure when you see a real result.


Having a strong online presence is vital to any company. Using various SEO-strategies, you can make your website appear higher in search engine ratings. It’s obvious that just like investing in the market analysis, advertising, and staff training, investing in SEO of your website is worth it too if you want to survive and even grow your business. It’s only you to decide what company to address and how much to spend on SEO. Yet, remember how it can contribute to your success and don’t spare your money.

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