How A Rise in M&A in Startups is Redefining the Market

how rise of mergers and acquisitions in startups affect market

The financial market has begun to take a new shape and dimension ever since the increased implementation of Mergers and Acquisitions deals among startup businesses and organizations. A key effect of this has also been a rise in the use of cloud computing and online data room for startups. That has been of immense benefit to startups by enhancing the process of M&A.

Financing and funding have always been a major issue faced by many startup businesses. As a result of the fact that funding determines the fate of any enterprise, several startups have been forced to leave the financial market due to a lack of funding to sustain them. Some others who are slightly resilient have been left struggling and stranded with nothing to show for it.

But in recent times, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) deals made between bigger startup companies and smaller startups. Other times, it could be the top players in the market acquiring the startup businesses.

The bigger companies at the top of the financial market benefit from their access to sufficient funding. Regardless of the cost of their action plans, they have got the funding at their fingertips. But, guess what? Many startup businesses have started to earn the attention of the bigger startups and top players in the market. This has continued to fuel the rise in the level of M&A deals. Most bigger startups have realized they can stay ahead of their contemporaries by taking advantage of the ready ideas and establishments built by smaller startups via the process of mergers and acquisitions.

smaller startups willing to engage in mergers and acquisitions

Smaller startups as well are willing to engage in M&A as it makes more sense than the option of having to shut down as a result of the choking effect of lack of funding. Most startups have seen Mergers and Acquisitions as the perfect escape route to close their businesses. But, what exactly does this tell on the financial market as a whole?

The rise in M&A among startups has had its effects on the financial market. The uprise can be said to have benefitted both the smaller startups (selling company) and the bigger (buying) companies mutually. The selling startup, once they are acquired, would have sufficient room to put their skills to work in the bigger environment which in turn better influences the market. Furthermore, M&A activity in startups is redefining the exit options among investors. It serves as a smart way by which investors cab exit rather than through traditional methods of Private Sales or Initial Public Offering (IPO). By this, investors can preserve their investments made with startups.

How M&A Influence on Financial Market

Also, Mergers and Acquisition keeps influencing the financial market via:

1. Business expansion

The increased acquisition of startups by investors and bigger companies has resulted in an expansion of internal capabilities for bigger and acquiring startups. M&A has been able to strengthen top companies as they are now able to build on the existing structures and templates already established by these startups. Recently,, a startup business was acquired by Alibaba to expand its food delivery in China. With this M&A activity, Alibaba can foster its strength in the region.

Many giant companies have seen mergers and acquisitions as a platform to enhance their position in the financial market. In this manner, the market is being redefined as it spurs competition and innovation among the top guns.

2. Quick return

Previously, it used to be that marketing and sales strategy do pay off over several years but with the incorporation of Mergers and Acquisition among startups, businesses can easily grow in no time.

3. Acquiring quality staff

acquiring quality staff

M&A encourages the acquisition of highly skilled and trained staff. In an acquisition deal, the staff of a particular startup business who are vast with the knowledge and expertise of your business is acquired during the deal. This integration eventually determines the success of M&A as there will be able hands and manpower on deck.


The world of business and finance has been redefined with the rise in the level of Mergers and acquisitions among startups. There is an assurance of growth and expansion for companies in the market as M&A fosters synergy.

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