How Social Media Managers Have To Adapt In 2016

how-social-media-managers-have-to-adapt-in-2016We are close to the middle of 2016 and as it happens every single year, social media managers make mistakes as they do not manage to deal with the changes that happen. This is also the case at the moment. We need to understand the fact that this is an industry that keeps changing. Only those that adapt will manage to be highly effective on the long run.

Are you a social media manager and you want to stay ahead of time? You want to always remember the following important facts.

Posting More On Social Channels

The algorithms that are used on social media at the moment changed. We are faced with more accounts than ever. Because of this, your posts will not show up as much as they did in the past. The social media managers are now forced to adapt and post more. This brings in the automatic use of applications for different devices. Based on AndroidHeadlines, new apps appear for all mobile operating systems with the purpose of making it easier to schedule posts in advance. Since more posts are needed on a daily basis, we have to acknowledge all the extra tools that will be necessary to get the job done right.

Analyzing The Target Audience

Because of the fact that there are more accounts on all social networks than there ever were social media managers need to be much more precise with their targeting. In the past it was quite easy to reach groups of people through social media but this is not actually the case now. We need to be really careful with the targeting because more tools are available.

There are various tools that are designed for the exact operating systems we use. It is not at all tough to find something that you are going to simply love. Have patience and always try to learn all that you can about the demographics. This is going to help you to have better conversion rates so everything is better.

Improved Security Is Necessary

When you take a look at the number of hacked WordPress accounts and how many social media accounts become compromised, it is quite obvious that you need to do everything that you can to guarantee security. Unfortunately, there are so many social media managers that do not actually think about security. You want to not be among these individuals. Have patience and always take the needed steps to be 100% sure that everything is secured, especially when referring to the situations in which there are many that use the accounts.

A Focus On Video Content

In 2015 we saw people that used video more in content marketing. This is a trend that will be stronger in 2016 than it was in the previous year because of how effective that is. All that you really need to do is to change the shift. We are faced with a much lower attention span for people that use social media. Because of this, video stands out as the best possible option. You want to invest in video marketing since this is what will help you out the most in properly representing your clients.


On the whole, you need to always focus on research. Learn all that you can about changes that may happen and be sure that you are going to adapt to them whenever something important has to be discussed. Have patience and always remain focus on doing what is best for your clients. Those that do not adapt lag behind and make huge mistakes on the long run. Results are always lower in this case.

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