How to Create a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

direct mail marketing strategy tips guidesWhen it comes to marketing your business, leaving no stone overturned is vital! Learn how to create a direct mail marketing strategy that works.

Marketing your business is a difficult process in this day and age. Things have changed, and most of the work you do to market yourself happens online.

There are some demographics, though, that are harder to reach via the web. We’re going to talk about using a direct mail marketing strategy in this article, giving you some insight into ways you can reach those hard to find customers.

We’ll talk about the process of creating a direct mail strategy, as well as some quick pointers on things to keep in mind while you’re at it. Let’s begin:

How to Start a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

First, you should identify whether or not you have a distinct need for direct mail marketing. As we mentioned, this should be used for demographics that are otherwise hard to reach.

Direct mail typically applies to older generations and younger working individuals who are too busy to regularly use the web to shop or get entertainment. If your traditional digital marking efforts aren’t working well, you can see if direct mail is a better way to reach your audience.

You should also think about the type of material you’re sending out. Standard mail and leaflet distribution are common, effective methods. Just know that you have a choice, and the decisions you make will affect your outcomes.

Distribute Your Efforts Appropriately

It’s thought that direct mail marketing should follow a 40/40/20 rule.

In this case, that means that 40 percent of your efforts should go to identifying the correct audience, 40 percent should go towards creating a valuable offer, and the final 20 percent should be used on the creative side of things.

Finding the right people is extremely important. We can all relate to getting a piece of mail and throwing it in the trash before opening it. In those cases, we were the wrong people to send that direct mail to.

Other people might have had a great deal of interest in that mail. So, half of the battle comes with knowing who to market to. The next thing is to construct a compelling document with a valuable offer.

It has to be concise, easy to understand, and compelling to the point of wanting someone to follow through. Finally, you have to put a nice bow on the entire operation.

Whether this means taking time to choose between different types of paper, colors, fonts, designs, or envelopes, you should definitely think critically about each element of the piece of mail. Style says a lot about your company and the offer you’re pushing.

Additionally, different demographics respond to different colors, fonts, images, and more. You really have to do your research.

Personalize It

If you have the means to personalize the mail you send out, you should certainly do there. There’s nothing terribly wrong with a “Dear Valued Customer,” but using a person’s name is farm ore likely to pique their interest.

Need Help Marketing?

Whether you’re using a direct mail marketing strategy or stick to SEO, you’re going to need a little help getting started. There are a lot of variables to consider, and we’re here to help.

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