How to Gain an Ongoing Insight into Your Staffs Well-Being

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It’s important that when you’re looking to improve your business that you take into account the well-being of your staff. It’s one thing buying a pool table and allowing for a few in-office beers every other Friday, but this never really gets to the core of how your staff are really feeling. Instead, try and create a working environment where your staff feel comfortable expressing themselves and explaining any issues they’ve been having. Here are a few ways of keeping on top of this key area of management.

Hold Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are a great way of gauging the feelings of the whole of your workforce and offers them the chance to air any grievances that they may be having. Meetings should be arranged in both a group and individual setting as some people can often be a little shy when it comes to voicing their personal issues to a large group. Often when you’re in a one on one scenario with one of your staff they’re more likely to be honest about the way they’re feeling and any problems they may be having. However, if you’re expecting honesty from your staff then you too must be willing to be honest and transparent from a management perspective.

Take Note of Behaviours

Depending on what type of manager you are will determine the relationship you have with your staff. Some managers like to take a hands on approach and really get to know their staff and learn about them, while others prefer to take a back-seat role and let their staff get on with it. Whatever your approach to management, you should always be paying attention to changes in behaviours from your workforce, as this could signal any potential underlying issues they may be having. This may manifest itself in the form of reduced productivity or performance, or simply noticing when your staff are in a bit of a blue mood.

Understand the Pressures

Recent studies have confirmed that a waiting job in the service industry is apparently more stressful than being a brain surgeon. This was calculated based on the low responsibility, low demand scale and really proves the stress that can incur when staff aren’t autonomous or are unable to deal with the added pressures that come with their day to days. Always be understanding about the pressures that your staff are under and don’t expect them to turn water into wine. There are plenty Employee Well-being solutions from Lifeworks available to improve the happiness of your workforce today

Manage Performance

Performance management is a great way of boosting the morale of your workforce and building a closer relationship or understanding of individual staff. It provides you with the chance to offer rewards and feedback based on your employee’s performance, which in turn will reflect in their future performance. Alternatively, if your employee’s performance isn’t up to scratch it’s a great way of approaching the subject in a non-threatening and conducive way.

The well-being of your staff is vital to the success of your business, so make the changes before it’s too late. Take a look at the Employee Wellbeing Solutions from Lifeworks today.

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