How To Keep Your Design Agency Safe Online

how to keep design agency safe online
It is crucial for businesses in all industries to know how to stay safe, but particularly for those that rely heavily on computers and technology. Design agencies use computers heavily throughout the day and have a lot of important and sensitive data, so knowing how to stay safe is critical. It can be tough in a time where new threats are continually developing, but there are a few important steps to take, which can provide adequate protection for your agency. So, if you run a design agency and you want to make sure that you can work each day confidently, then read on for a few tips.

Apply A Firewall

A firewall is an excellent first line of defense which creates a barrier between the trusted internal network and the untrusted external network (the internet) and can stop threats from infiltrating.

Use Random, Complex Passwords

It is likely that every designer will have multiple accounts that they need to log in to each day. Make sure that they are using random, complex, and unique passwords for each account – these can be managed with a password manager.


use vpn for cyber security
Using a VPN is always a wise move as it can be used to stop any hackers from gaining access to your important files and information. It is particularly worthwhile if you have designers who use their own devices and often work remotely (places like coffee shops use unsecured connections).

External Backup

Backing up files is essential as losing these could be devastating for a design agency. Make sure that you have large external hard drives and encourage employees to save to these devices when-ever they make a regular save. If something were to happen to the original, then you would not lose weeks of work.

Use Industry Leading Software

The industry leading software will not only help to streamline the operation and enable you to make better designs, but it will also be safer. If you design rigid flex circuit boards, then industry leading software can help you to achieve this while also being safe and secure. Software should al-so be kept up to date at all times.

High-Quality Anti Virus

install anti virus protection
Investing in high-quality antivirus software which runs in the background is a smart move. There are many threats and new ones constantly being developed so up to date antivirus can offer protec-tion and provide peace of mind.

Educate Staff

The biggest threat to a company’s sensitive data is employee negligence. Every design agency should make cybersecurity a priority and train staff on how they can use their computers safely and how to back up their files. It is also a smart idea to use restricted access, so only those that require access to certain files are able to.

Design agencies have large and very important files which are always being worked on so it is es-sential that there are measures in place to protect these files and the company. The above infor-mation should help any agency to improve its cybersecurity and keep the operation running each day smoothly.

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