How to Maximize Productivity in the Office

how to maximize productivity in the office
Managing productivity levels in business is an essential part of achieving long-term success. However, productivity is not necessarily the same as the speed at which your employees are completing tasks; it’s about completing those tasks to a high level, while also feeling motivated and satisfied in their work. One of the biggest influences on our productivity is our physical work environment. From uncomfortable seating and being buried by clutter, to feeling too hot or cold, distractions will throw a spanner in the works of your operation. The question is, how can you create an office space which enables your workforce to give you their best performance?

Here are some top tips to get you started.

Give your team plenty of chance to stay active

We all reach a point when we need to take a break from our work. In fact, sticking with the same task in the same physical position can lead to a loss in accuracy and productivity, so it’s in your business’ interests to let your staff take regular breaks. This could be simply heading to the coffee machine or a quick walk around the block to get some fresh air, but the key is to give them a chance to refresh themselves both mentally and physically.

Many offices are investing in sit-stand desks, which give people the option to change their position throughout the day. Consider putting copy machines and water machines outside the room; and occasionally you might want to encourage your team members to meet face-to-face, rather than via email or phone to give people a reason to stay active during the day.

Bring in plant life

bring in plant life
It’s been found that introducing live plants into an office can give the space a real boost of energy and increase oxygen levels in the room. In more than one study, this has been found to have a direct impact on productivity, while also increasing employee engagement and satisfaction levels.

Maintain effective heating and AC systems

Studies have shown that if the temperature in the room is just a few degrees too high or too low it can make a big difference to our ability to concentrate. Make sure that your heating and AC systems are in good working order with regular servicing, and repair issues as soon as possible with a 24 hour AC repair Winter Park. Keeping the systems in good working order will also keep your running costs low.

Provide a safe box for non-work-related gadgets

provide a safe box for non work related gadgets
Smartphones and other personal devices can be a big drain on our time, with a surprisingly high number of people spending up to five hours a day using them to perform non-work-related tasks during working hours. Whether you ban gadgets during working hours is up to you, but you may want to provide a safe box for people who wish to keep their phones or smartwatches out of eyeline while they work.

Clean the office every day

Some argue that messy desks are the sign of creativity, but more often than not mess and clutter leads to distraction and inefficiency. Encourage your team to keep their desks tidy with minimal personal items, and ensure the office is cleaned and tidied every evening.

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