How To Win More Business For Your Cleaning Service

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Whether you’re starting a new cleaning service or expanding an existing one, finding and winning new clients can be a considerable undertaking. However, learning how to attract new business to your cleaning service might be easier than you think.

Increasing your cleaning service’s customer base can be simpler than you think. The good news is that cleaning companies have an easily defined target market. As such, promotion, advertising, and customer relationship management have never been more accessible. Thanks to smart new technology, you can now use specialist apps like Jobber to help streamline your business operations no matter how big or small, to help your company with scheduling, billing, and customer service.

When it comes to getting more clients for your business, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are effective strategies that can help boost new customers such as the following:

  1. Understand your target market

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To win more clients, you first have to establish and understand your target market. When it comes to marketing, the most common error is targeting everyone. While it may seem like a smart concept at first, marketing to everyone may result in marketing to no one in particular.

Whatever service you offer, more focused marketing yields a higher return. By focusing on a particular demographic, you can ensure that your message reaches prospective consumers more effectively. Likewise, you may lose impact if you attempt to be everything to everyone. (1)

Before you begin prospecting for new clients within your target market, you must first get an understanding of them as consumers. Some of the most important things to know about your clients are their concerns, issues, and preferred solutions to them. Unless you already know them, you’ll have to do some digging to find out.

On that note, it will help to present your company in such a way that it shows clients what they can expect to gain from your services. While your company’s size and stability are important factors to consider, people are also concerned with the advantages that doing business with you will bring. If you learn how to market your services in a way that appeals to the advantage of your clients, you’ll also learn how to get more cleaning contracts and secure more business easily.

  1. Develop a custom marketing plan

A well-thought-out and informed marketing plan is essential to successfully gain new clients. A marketing plan outlines how your business will position itself within the market. The plan defines in detail the target market, the company’s service offering, the campaigns that will be launched, and the metrics that will be used to accurately measure the success of your marketing efforts. (2)

  1. Ask for referrals

Asking for referrals is a great way to win more clients and is a proven way to widen your customer base.

Referrals may be from anybody, including previous or existing clients, friends, or colleagues. However, you must actively ask for them.

Asking satisfied clients for recommendations is the simplest method to acquire referrals. They can confidently recommend you and also be a testament to what your service excels at. Likewise, you may upload testimonials on your company’s website or page using these recommendations. There’s a greater chance that a prospective client would choose your services if there are more favorable reviews on your website or social media page.

  1. Optimize your website and social media

Another good approach when getting more clients is to ensure that you make a website that is simple to use and encourages people to engage with it. Additionally, your website should provide relevant information regarding your company qualifications, such as licenses and years of service experience.

Ideally, the design of your website should be straightforward and easy for users to navigate to find the information they are looking for. Additionally, adopting SEO best practices can assist you in determining which keywords will bring a greater number of prospective consumers to your website. (2)

Use social media to boost your sales. Your regular business practices may be chronicled in video blog posts, or you can simply upload photos showcasing what you do and interacting with customers.

  1. Offer promotions and discounts

Promotions and discounts are a useful part of any marketeers toolkit that is effective at attracting new clients. Think of it. Most people are less likely to use a service if it costs them more money or time. So, the best way to entice them to test your service is to give them a voucher or discount periodically. Allowing new customers to take advantage of your services for less money may make them feel privileged and more willing to give it a go. (3)

Referral-based incentives are also quite effective. People will be more likely to use your cleaning services if you give them a discount in exchange for recommending you to a relative or friend.

Bottom Line

However, the most important part of a cleaning business is to ensure a great degree of quality. Yes, there are many methods to acquire new clients and businesses, but keep in mind that the best way to retain them is to provide high-quality service consistently so they never consider hiring anyone else.


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