How Using a VPN Can Help You Create Accurate Marketing Reports

vpn help create marketing reportsOne of the biggest threats to companies today is hackers and cybercriminals. In the world today, information is worth more than gold on the internet and there are many companies that will pay good money for information about other companies what those companies are developing.

This means that it is extremely difficult for companies to put together reports which can influence their future products and/or sales, without the threat of their information potentially being exposed to hackers and other data thieves.

Now normally this isn’t a problem when a company’s employees are working from the office which should be a secure connect (sometimes it isn’t) and the office has a strong server network which should be able to handle most DDoS attacks and filter out all of the common spam emails which are designed to collect information from the company.

Why is marketing so vulnerable?

At this point, you are probably thinking that out of all the different niches in the job market, why something as simple marketing reports are in such high demand from hackers.

The world today is run on consumerism and being able to predict what the next big trend is on the consumer market is the key to many companies dream of success.

How would one predict the next best thing?

Many companies make use of Big Data and Business Intelligence to help them narrow done the next trends in the marketplace, however the algorithms which are needed to make sure that the prediction is accurate needs one of two things, lots of Data and the other being a set amount of parameters which it needs to filter the data in accordance with.

This meaning that some of the information which needs to be collected needs to be collected on the street, asking consumers what they like about a product, what is wrong with the product, what they would like to see.

This type of data collection is best done in survey form, however, the connection that mobile device will have on the street will be extremely vulnerable to hackers because the connection of the device will not be secure.

How can this be fixed?

The best way to fix and secure the connection is to make use of a VPN application.

This means that whenever the information is sent back to the office from a location outside of the office the information and survey results are sent over a secure connection which if there is ever a breach of information it will only come from within the office.

Using a VPN is not only limited to the survey takers but also employees who like to work from home during after hours, they would then set up a VPN on their work machines and work within what is known as a secure digital office which will stop any data breaches from happening between the two devices’ connection.

The best way to stop information from being stolen is to make use of a VPN.

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