The Importance of Packaging to Today’s Consumer

the importance of packaging to todays consumer
Packaging is an often overlooked component of your customer’s purchase experience. If you aren’t optimizing your packaging, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool. Here are 5 reasons why your packaging matters and how you can use it to capture your customer’s attention.

1. Create Brand Recognition

Take advantage of packaging to enhance the perceived value and status of your brand in the mind of your target market. Use tactics such as eye-catching mailers, innovative design, and the strategic use of colors and textures to bring your packaging to life.

Packaging is the first point of contact your customer has with your product and your brand, so seize the opportunity to create a “wow experience” that exceeds their expectations. Millions of parcels from online retailers are processed through the international mail system every day. However, most of them are bland, unmarked boxes with no discernable features.

Make your parcels stand out from the rest. Can you imagine the impact on your customer’s emotions when they receive their package in a branded box with a colored logo? Think of their impression as they open the box to find their product placed in unique, protective, and stylish packaging, with a user-friendly access system.

This kind of attention to detail sets you apart from your competition and creates brand loyalty. Take the initiative and think about how you can upgrade your current packaging experience.

2. Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Packaging is a critical marketing tool for in-store advertising and brand promotion. Branded products catch the attention of browsing shoppers, placing your brand identity in their view. Superior packaging can persuade a prospective customer to change their mind during the final moments of their purchase decision.

Evaluate what your current packaging is doing to market your products and your brand. What kind of message are you sending to your customers and prospects? What do you want them to think of your brand? Take these ideas and incorporate them into your packaging strategy.

3. Packaging Color Counts – Attract More Customers

colorful packaging
The use of color in your product packaging plays a vital role in consumer purchase decisions. The brain evaluates and reacts to colors with different behaviors. Take advantage of this consumer psychology in your packaging bag.

For example; the color white conveys purity, safety, and simplicity while navy blue inspires feelings of wealth and status. Yellow and red are frequently used to catch the attention of consumers, that’s why McDonald’s uses these colors in the “Golden Arches.”

4. Differentiate Your Brand

According to consumer research, your customer bases over one-third of their purchase decision on the appeal of your product packaging. Stand out from your competitors using innovative design and value-add packaging offers.

For example, Jack Daniels offers box sets that feature a bottle of whiskey, two branded glasses, and a branded peak cap. This kind of value strategy increases the perceived value of the product and the brand in the eyes of prospective customers.

5. Use Packaging to Solve Social Problems

Packaging ties your consumer experience together. It offers your customer a view of what they can expect from your product and the values of your brand. Intelligently packaged products can help your product increase market share and consumer awareness about your product by solving a problem.

eco friendly packaging
For example, coffee cups are one of the most significant sources of ocean plastic. Coffee shop owners can look into biodegradable coffee cups and cup lids, reducing the impact of their coffee shop on the environment. This feature can be marketed to the consumer with an awareness campaign, thereby driving sales as conscious consumers change their coffee brand to your coffee shop.

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