Make New Friends But Keep the Old: Digital is Silver But Traditional is Gold for Marketers

digital-traditional-marketing-strategies-tipsDigital marketing has for a number of years been an essential strategy for businesses of all sizes. From tiny startups to large multinationals, digital marketing provides an affordable and effective way to reach the right people and sell more products and services.

However, that does not mean that digital should replace traditional marketing. In fact, traditional still has a lot to offer marketers, and in many situations it can be more effective.

Perhaps the best option is to combine the two by taking a more holistic approach to marketing. Here are a few ways that you can do just that.

Make Campaigns that Overlap Traditional and Digital

Perhaps the most popular and effective way to use both digital and traditional marketing effectively is to design campaigns that make use of both types of marketing.

For example, rather than just create a campaign that is spread across TV advertising and print advertising, incorporate social media into it.

Encourage people who view your offline ads to head to your Facebook page to continue the experience. While there, they might be asked to join in with an interactive experience or to leave their details to encourage greater engagement with your brand.

Collect Emails in Your Store

Another simple way to make use of digital and traditional marketing together is when it comes to the collecting of email addresses.

Building an email list is one of the most important activities for any marketer these days, but there is no reason to limit your efforts to online marketing.

Instead, you could ask customers and visitors to your physical store to provide you with their email address in return for an incentive. Perhaps you could enter them into a prize draw or provide them with a discount voucher in return.

You will then have them on your list, and you can continue to market to them using online techniques, either with the aim to send them back to your store or to buy from you online.

Incorporate QR Codes into Print Marketing

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to sell goods and services. Despite being more expensive than email, it can have an excellent ROI as long as you use the right mailing software to ensure greater accuracy in your list.

But rather than asking people to respond via a physical form, you could instead encourage them to visit your website by setting up a QR code. This will make it easy for them to scan the code and visit your landing page to complete a transaction or join your list.

Experiment with Both Types of Marketing

Whether you prefer online or traditional marketing, make sure you experiment with both areas to find ways that you can combine them and make them both work better for your business. These are just a few suggestions of how you can incorporate both traditional and digital marketing, so start using both together and give your marketing ROI a boost.


Natasha Bolton works for a marketing company in London. She has recently started to share her knowledge by writing articles aimed at small business owners, her work getting published on various marketing and business blogs.

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