Marketing a Product Online: Getting Customers to Buy What You’re Selling

In a competitive online marketplace, getting people interested, and getting them to choose your product, over dozens of others on the market, can be tough. Here are a few ways to get customers to buy what you’re selling, from advertising to presentation.

marketing a product online getting customers to buy what youre selling

Your Website

Having a high-quality, user-friendly website is key to catching and keeping customers’ interest. If your site looks good and is easy, and pleasant, to interact with, it will factor hugely into people’s decision as to where to shop.Users are more likely to choose a good looking site before they’ve even looked at product pricing.

Generating Traffic

Having a great website will hold users’ interest, but the first step is getting them to your site. There are a lot of paid advertising options on the web through search engines and other websites. Sidebar ads and pop-ups aren’t nearly as effective as they once were, as regular internet users have become “ad blind”, able to tune out most of the advertising they’re exposed to. This has necessitated more innovative marketing methods.


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of generating “natural” or “organic” web traffic, rather than using paid advertising. By linking to your site in a blog post or article that people find interesting, you generate click-through traffic. More popular sites show up higher in search engine results, this is why it’s so important to generate this traffic. Using certain, often searched keywords and phrases also makes your site easier to find.

Social Media Marketing

The popularity of social media makes it an ideal marketing platform. Many companies use sites like Facebook both to market their product, generate website traffic, and sometimes to sell the actual product. Easy sharing through social media makes it a good place to advertise through promos and competitions. Most companies running competitions make sharing the competition or following the page part of the entry process, increasing the reach of the current, and future campaigns.

Content Marketing

Content marketing could cover several areas – online blogs, newspapers and magazines, email newsletters, video content and even mobile apps and games. Sometimes to advertise a brand, otherwise promoting interest in a particular product or service.

Product Presentation

We are clearly living in a highly superficial era. One of the primary factors that influences a customer’s decision on whether or not to buy a product is the packaging. With a selection of similar products to choose from, aesthetics have been shown to have a bigger impact on purchasing decisions than almost anything else. So choosing the best package design for your product could well be the key to selling it successfully.

Of the dozens of factors that influence purchasing decisions, find out what your potential customers will respond. Some of the several hundred marketing techniques out there really are somewhat like pouring money into a black hole, so choose wisely. Find your clientele, get them interested, and keep them happy with your product and your service.

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