Minecraft Good Game Turned into Great Business: The GGServers Story

minecraft-good-game-turned-into-great-business-the-ggservers-storyBe the lord of the world or be your own builder – regardless, creation and ownage have driven us miles to find our new world. Begin from the sloppy hands that struggled to pile the mammoth box of Lego bricks into buildings then to the nimble fingers that construct towns and continents within minutes – we always found ways to be bigger, smarter and better. Doing away with limited Lego bricks and progressing into the realm of infinity defines the day and age we live in. We have expanded our minds beyond borders and reached the world of Minecraft, where you own what you build and you never have to worry about them fancy bricks running out.

For the ones not into the glorious Minecraft revolution, follow this tip: Minecraft is a single or a multi-player game which allows you to construct your own virtual world one brick at a time. Make a building then another, construct your own town and transform It into a city, multiply them to infinite cities and voila! Minecraft runs on the number of slots purchased, i.e. greater slot purchased translates into more players viewing your world, as each player represents one slot. You can begin to imagine the gravity of this online game, but it’s hard to fathom the popularity. At the beginning of this year, 1 million people were recorded playing Minecraft at the same time. To host such a powerful game, servers with minimum of 1GB RAM to run ten slots are generally recommended. Moreover, Minecraft allows enhancing game play by addition of different add-ons and user groups from the Control Panel, dedicated to the Minecraft server. Ergo, it is important to choose reliable server for the added essence of crafting your own world so when modifications are made, you have the apt resources available for your gaming experience. This is where we chip in with our valuable opinion: For a Minecraft good game, go for GGServers!

GGServers, a Canadian-based game server company began their services in mid-2013, operating under ggservers.net. Starting out with Vanilla Minecraft hosting initially, GGServers quickly expanded their services in order to accommodate several modifications and plugins that are commonly used within the Minecraft community. Now you may want to ask what makes GGServers different than any other game server company. This one is for us to tell and for you to listen.

The purpose of online gaming is to mark your presence in the online realm without throwing away your bank account. However, most affordable servers simply don’t work or aren’t effective. James Copeland, the CEO of GGServers, was diligent enough to identify this market need and therefore came up with his venture of providing the users’ demands of price, quality, and reliability. There are thousands of companies offering server space for Minecraft players. However, James’ company follow a unique business model that leads from the front by ingeniously renting out servers in eight locations around the world, with 10,000 to 12,000 virtual servers online at any given time. Moreover, GGServers offers their hosting services from data centers located in Montreal, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas, Las Vegas and Prague.

GGServers philosophically believes that “affordable” should not be synonymous to “low-quality”. Therefore, as James nurtured the company, he strived to create a gaming server that satisfied his clients’ wants in terms of price, and also meet every technical demand the clients might have. James contends, “it is natural to expect that most gamers won’t afford to spend countless amounts of dollars on their gaming devices and servers, yet they still hold onto a standard expectation from their purchased service. Therefore, my crew and I are out to prove that you don’t have to make compromises or bend your expectations when looking for a gaming server”.

If you are bored and just want to get to the business end of this deal, feast your eyes and your mind with the following.

  1. GGServers offers long-term contracts for their hardware but to keep costs low, they also lease out their hardware in bulk. While you have sky-rocketing price on one hand, you have James Copeland and crew place the right price tag for its customers, inviting your friends to jam in by allowing 3 users to play for free, providing an entire 32,768MB RAM (hosting 400 players) for only a charge of $85 per month
  2. If you think $85 a month is not enough bang for the buck, get a load of this: GGServers is audaciously well ahead by providing 24/7 support to their customers; whether it’s a network issue, a hardware issue, or practically anything involving Minecraft, they give customers the priority and have it covered. While other companies swim away in their pile of money, GGServers effectively ensures their customers’ need to communicate any form of concern for the product and the service they provide.

On a note brighter than the sun, GGServers began operating under ggservers.com from May2016 and began offering more services such as voice server hosting and web hosting. With 20+ staffs working under them, serving over 200,000 clients in over 90 countries, GGServers is never the one to back down from new challenges. As the world of Minecraft gets bigger, so does the efficiency of GGServers – the company continuously strives to achieve the perfect balance between price and performance.

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