Mobile App News – Line, Google And Nintendo Showcase The Future

mobile-app-news-line-google-and-nintendo-showcase-the-futureCellphones have most certainly changed throughout the years and the devices are becoming more beneficial than ever before. In the past, they were primarily only utilized for making phone calls. Today, mobile phones are used for catching up with the news, shopping, gaming, and even keeping up with your health. This didn’t happen out of coincidence. Several mobile app developers have helped to revolutionize the mobile phone. Where will the future take these devices and how will leading app developers continue to innovate?

Whether you’re an investor or you just happen to love mobile messaging apps, you’ve likely stumbled across the name Line once or twice. Line recently announced its intention to go public with a new IPO, which may raise more than 1 billion dollars. If Line is capable of hitting its peak, the IPO could bring in a maximum of 1.3 million dollars. It would be the bigger technological IPO, since Alibaba entered the market with $20 billion in September of 2014. Line’s stock will enter the market on Thursday and will trade under the LN symbol. The stock is expected to start at approximately twenty-eight dollars a share, which is up from its previous estimate of $26.30.

According to, mobile sales have increased substantially over the past week and many expect it has something to do with the release of Nintendo’s Pokémon Go. Nintendo is and always has been one of the hottest names within the video game industry. However, the company has run into a few roadblocks in the past few years. The disastrous release of the Wii U ultimately set the company back and allowed Sony and Microsoft to steal the show with their respective video game consoles. Nonetheless, Nintendo has an impressive portfolio of games and has managed to maintain a grip on the mobile world with their 3DS.

With the release of Pokémon Go, the company proved that they’re capable of conquering the smartphone market as well. What should you expect from Nintendo in the coming months? Aside from more speculation about the Nintendo NX, gamers should keep an eye out for Nintendo to release more mobile apps. According to recent comments from the company, they could release 4 or 5 apps by the end of the year. Google is undoubtedly one of the kings of modern technology and their apps are downloaded billions of times by consumers throughout the world.

At the same time, Google never ceases to push the boundaries. Their recent project will send the company into India. Several tech companies have attempted to break into foreign markets in the past few months, but Google’s approach could actually be beneficial for all parties involved. Google plans to launch an Android certification program in India and train approximately two million app developers within the country. The new course, which is labelled Android Fundamentals, will be made available for free.

How Google will benefit from the move remains to be seen. Nonetheless, Google has intentions to make Android the number one mobile operating system in the world and the move is definitely a step in the right direction.

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