Online Marketing Tips Personal Injury Law Firms Should Be Aware Of

online marketing tips guides for law firmsIn many US cities it is hard to watch the TV for half an hour or simply walk the streets and not see ads for personal injury lawyers. This is due to the fact that the industry is extremely competitive. Automatically, this means that the prices associated with marketing the services of a law firm online are higher than expected. Fortunately, there are always different things that can be done in order to reduce online marketing costs. According to Noll personal injury attorney Springfield IL, here are some of the best ways to do just that.

Set CPC (Cost Per Case) Goals

While it is really difficult to determine the desired cost per case for an attorney, it is something that helps much more than you may think. This is a great way to set clear expectations for the firm and for yourself as an attorney. Although you might usually end up using a really loose number, this does help you guide marketing decisions.

As an example, the cost per case with a really serious case can be thousands of dollars while for a simple car accident can be just a few hundreds of dollars. Determining such amounts will help you to make smart and effective online marketing choices.

Track Everything

One of the biggest mistakes that law firms make is to not track marketing expenses. At the end of the day they just draw the line on all the marketing channels that are used. This is definitely a bad approach since you never actually know what works and what does not work. Since we are talking about really large advertising and marketing budgets, it is really important to keep track of everything so that ROI is determined.

Law firms are usually focused on phone calls. Even so, phone call tracking is rarely added to landing pages on websites. Call tracking is just an example of what can be tracked and what should be tracked.

Seriously Consider Mobile Traffic

Over half of all the searches are done with the use of a mobile device. This means that you need to be sure that you use this highly effective online marketing channel. If the website is not mobile-friendly, there is a huge possibility that you lost numerous clients.

Basically, no matter what online marketing strategy you have in place or what you use, it is vital that your landing pages are responsive. They need to look perfect, no matter what gadget is used to view them. It might seem that this is the case but you should still be sure that you are not mistaken with the use of the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Increase Google Reviews

Google reviews are highly effective at convincing people to contact a personal injury law firm. The industry relies on great service so those that want an attorney want to be sure that they work with the best. It is a really good idea that you focus on the review sites but put a priority on Google Reviews. Invite your clients to write a review every single time you successfully represented them. This is free and can bring in more clients by simply asking.

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