What Are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Practices?

digital marketing practices

Digital marketing is widely accepted as a necessary practice for all on and offline businesses operating today. Digital marketing, in itself, is not a one-stop-shop. The term digital marketing encompasses a range of different practices and techniques, all of which have an individual focus and goal. Digital marketing techniques do not only differ in application nor aim, they also differ in ineffectiveness. Not all digital marketing techniques are created equal – to ensure the highest return, businesses need to use the most effective digital marketing practices. This guide is here to help you understand which digital marketing practices are the most effective in 2021.

Voice Search

The number of voice searches has increased hugely in recent years. Some 20% of cellphone searches were voice-activated in 2020. The number of voice searches is only expected to grow in coming years, as more and more people become familiar and accustomed to the search format. The proliferation of voice searches will require businesses to update their digital marketing practices to suit this new style of search.

The digital marketing practice that voice search is set to have the biggest impact on is keyword usage. Specifically, digital marketers should focus on long-tail keywords that better reflect the voice search format. The most effective way of using long-tail keywords for voice search is to use question phrases. With the increase of voice search comes an increase in the value of the featured snippet. As devices like Alexa will automatically use the information on the featured snippet for their answer to a voice search.

International Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or as it is more commonly known, SEO, has been around for a few years now. Businesses looking to increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing practices will need to move from using localized SEO to international SEO. The benefits of global SEO are numerous. Just a few examples include:

  • Increasing the visibility of your brand
  • Expanding your customer base overseas
  • Learning more about the success of your current content
  • Increasing your rankings across various different search engines

Live Videos

The recent popularity of live videos has surprised many marketers across the world. Research has found that 47% of people are now streaming more live videos than they were a year ago. This information can have a big impact on the effectiveness of social media marketing strategies. Brands should aim to increase the number of live videos they are released. Another way for brands to take advantage of this effective digital marketing technique comes with influencer marketing. Brands should start to sponsor influencer live videos as well as influencer posts.

Conscientious Marketing

Digital marketing is as much about displaying your products or services as it is about selling your brand. For you to market your brand most effectively you need to be catering to consumer preferences. The trend for consumers to prioritize sustainable and conscious brands has increased in recent years. Research shows that 80% of consumers believe brands have a duty toward the environment. The study also illustrates the need for brands to be more conscientious and inclusive in their advertisements. Businesses need to reflect this change in consumer attitudes through conscientious digital marketing.

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